How to Get Paid to Write Online

Good writing is not for everybody, but I think with a lot of practice and dedication you can learn how to do it.

As a blogger, you should write a lot, both for your site and as guest posts for other blogs.

But also a great idea if you feel good writing is thinking about getting paid for it, making money online.

One of the way if you want to stay comfortably at home is to become a paid blogger of a blog network, for istance.

But there are a few different types of paid to write websites such as paid to blog, pay per post, paid to review and more.

All you have to do is build a nice portfolio, writing some interesting articles for popular websites and then submit your profile to some of the many sites that pay you to write online.

An old typewriter used to write long time ago

There are plenty of opportunities online to get paid to write and the pay offers are not so bad, you can check in these blogging job sites in order to find your opportunity :

– Problogger Job Boardcreated by the famous blogger Darren Rowse;

– BloggerJobs, full of updated blogging job opportunities;

–, the freelance writing jobs network;

– Indeed, a job search engine;

– Writersweekly, a site dedicated to help writers;

–, a big network of blogs where you get paid to write about a lot of topics;

–, one of the most prestigious site, where you need to take a long path to get approved as a writer contributor.


Have fun writing and getting paid from it!

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