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Improve Your Blog Quality to Get Better Google Rankings

With a lot of blogs that born everyday and a lot of resources around the web, Google and the search engines are focusing their parameters to rank the websites depending also on their quality.

If you get high rankings, you can receive more organic traffic, and more possiblity to make money online, for istance with Google Adsense.

So if you want to get ranked high in the SERPs, you need to write high quality content.

Here you find some suggestions :

  1. try to build a good design and layout, use a readable type of character and the right proportion of size and column;
  2. make clear titles for your posts;
  3. use images and links if you think it is useful, but do not abuse, in order to not weigh down the loading of the page;
  4. do not write very long posts;
  5. try to provide original contents;
  6. update regularly your blog;
  7. link external to other blogs, they will probably return the favour;
  8. use internal links to help readers find something in your blog;
  9. test the power of video blogging (preeminent example is Darren Rowse with his Problogger;
  10. do not publish too much advertising (place correctly Google Adsense);
  11. interact with your readers (when you will have some);
  12. you can use a Blog Editor to help yourself ;
  13. last, but not for importance, USE YOUR BRAIN.

Quality symbol

Create High Quality Content is one of the most important factor to consider when writing new blog posts.

May be the most important one : think about Google Panda ?

You should write articles that really helps your readers : you should ask yourself : “How can I create quality content that are really interesting at your visitors eyes?”

I think that the most important is NOT TO COPY any content around the web.

Try to write your own. Even if it is not perfect at beginning.

Writing is like a workout, you can improve yourself with time.

Good luck !

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