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How to Make Money with Amazon as Affiliate Program

Once you have launched from a while your blog, published at least 20-25 posts and gained some traffic, you can think about monetize it.

Choosing Amazon as your Affiliate Program can be  a profitable idea, above all if your blog is about a particular niche.

If you talk for example about “Shoes to play football” in your site, then with a banner of Amazon and a blog post focused on a particular product (Shoes for football in this case), they can help you make some money online, via this affiliate program.

Of course you have to gain the trust from your readers, in order to invite them purchase some products starting from your affiliate links.

Try to make some reviews of the products listed in Amazon.

Remember that you will have more chance to make a sale trough a text link, inserted in a blog post where you talk about that product, than trough a generic banner.

Here you find some suggestions :

1 . gain as much traffic as you can in your blog;

2 . help your readers to redirect trough your content to the concerned products on Amazon;

3 . your readers have to trust you/your blog for wanting to buy from your Affiliate Merchant;

4 . find products to promotes that match with your topics;

Dollar cash with "Amazon logo" above it

5 . people will buy if they know other people are buying trough your blog;

6 . Amazon is well reputation site where a good percentage of people redirected from your blog are willing to buy something;

7 . try to promote Amazon product link trough your content;

8 . most of readers will want to go on Amazon by clicking on textual links, not image links;

9 . promote discounts and promotions of your Affiliate Program.

Good luck !

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