How to Make Money Online with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Do you want to earn some money doing tasks that require little time and preparation?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the place for you!

A curiosity : the name derives from the Turkish Mechanical machine to play chess invented in 1769 by Hungarian Wolfgang von Kempelen. The capabilities of the device chess astonished half Europe until it was discovered that inside the car harbored a human chess master dwarf.

If you have never heard about Amazon Mechanical Turk, you should know that it is an Amazon affiliate site since 2005, where you can be paid by some individuals, in order to complete tasks that can not be run in an automatic way.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk Works

While you are at home, during a break from work, in other spare time you can earn a few cents by answering simple questions or doing small jobs.

These tasks can be done with a computer and an internet connection.

They can be consider as small jobs, which are called “hits” (“human intelligence tasks“) and you can find hundreds or even thousands of these micro jobs online at Amazon Mechanical Turk (Amazon MTurk).

Amazon MTurk let makes you some pennies or few dollars or even Amazon gift certificates ( most tasks take less than a minute to complete).

You will not probably make more than some dollars an hour, but it is really simple to complete many of the tasks.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Today the level of technology is very high, but there are still some jobs that can be done by humans only and can not be automated.

For istance, computers can not write reviews, take surveys or tell if a photo is pornographic : here is where MTurk comes in.

Tips to Optimize HITs at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Requesters insert the  HITs and you, as worker, can search between these tasks for the ones you like or you will be able to accomplish.

As every business, you have to be patient at beginning : for some HITs you will need to take a qualifications test to even be allowed to accept the job.

The good news is for each type of task you only have to do this once.

You can then pick your first job and browsing between the price rewards : you may start with a $.02 or less task.

For example, the job may be look in an image if there is pornographic content and you simply have to click “yes” or “no” , then you will earn the amount promised.

When you find some task that you like, you can keep doing the same job for higher amount of money working for a continued time.

You will discover after some completed tasks, your hourly rate.

Simply do the same job for 10 minutes and multiply six times to see your total per hour.

Here below you can find some of the HITs that can be found on Amazon Mechanical Turk :

  • write articles;
  • tag images;
  • transcribe audio or text;
  • post comments to a blog;
  • write reviews of products or services;
  • research details on various topics;
  • answer few questions;
  • rate some sites;
  • check search results;
  • become a fan of someone facebook page;
  • tweet a message;
  • participate in a forum;
  • bookmark sites;
  • watch videos.


How much will you earn per hour on MTurk ?

Have fun making some money online with Amazon Mechanical Turk !

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