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How to Make Money Online with Commission Junction

One of the most common reason why a person creates a blog is to make money online.

When you produced at least 20-25 posts, well written and with a decent traffic, then you can start thinking about monetize your blog.

There are a lot of ways, and Commission Junction is leader as affiliate marketing program, online advertising  and search engine marketing.

They offer very good opportunities for both merchants and affiliates, making easy their relationship and with their experience they offer the best results for its customers.

Commission Junction serves millions of clients and it is one of the largest ad networks at the moment.

They are at the top for the physical goods category and their affiliate program is the best for niche markets, because niche business typically require physical goods as affiliate products.

Like other affiliate programs, you must sign up and apply in the advertiser list, before you can place any ads on your blog or web site.

By the way, the registration process is quite easy and you must provide basic personal and site information : just be sure to categorize your site in the right way, as many advertisers will accept or deny your application depending on your chosen classification.

Commission Junction logo

How Commission Junction Works

After you signed up, you can now log in and go to “Get links” section : here you find a list of advertiser categories from which you should choose the ones that are relevant to your blog or web site.

When you select an advertiser to check, it will appear a pop-up window that will give you all the details of the vendor program: the percentage of commission, terms and conditions, network income and the seven-day and three-month average earnings per click (EPC).

After being approved from advertisers programs, you can now take the ads that you will insert into your blog or web site, choosing from different features that Commission Junction has studied for maximize their service.

A particular characteristics that you can find in your Commission Junction account is the SmartZone settings : you can choose between text or image ads and banners that randomly rotate on your blog or web site.

For istance, you can create a 460×80 banner, selecting in your advertiser list, your favourite banners you want to display : now each time the page where you insert the SmartZone banner is loaded, a different ad will appear.

A big tip is certainly to use Text Ads, and integrate it inside the post, in which you talk about the specific product that you want to advertise.

You will have more results that using simple banners ads.

Commission Junction offers you support pages, where you can find guide, strategies, tips and help to maximize your earnings whit this affiliate program.

Surely you will need time to see the results, but make money online takes definetely patience and passion.

Have fun !

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