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How to Make Money Online with HubPages

HubPages is considered one of the best sites to make money online writing.

It is actually a “Revenue Sharing Site”, with ads showed into your content page and with revenue splitted between you and HubPages.

HubPages is different from his competitors, mainly Squidoo.

Squidoo shares only profits on a 50-50 basis, after remove all costs of running the business plus 5% charity funds.

How HubPages Works

The revenue from HubPages is shared in this way : you, as the author of the article, take 60% of earnings, while the site retains the remaining 40%.

HubPages provides you an online space where you can, along with hundreds of other writers, share your idea and your knowledge.

There are no limits to the subjects and you can publish articles on any topic, reviews, tips or any writing on something you are expert about.

The space in which to write your article on Hubpages is called a “Hub“.

There are several tools that help you to build your Hub, for istance you may add text, images, videos, Google News and also ads.

HubPages can help you earn money online in several ways, although the main profit comes from Google Adsense.

The revenue is not paid directly from HubPages, but from the individual programs which you have to be registered :

– Google Adsense ;

– Amazon Associate ;

– Ebay Affiliate ;

– Kontera (similar to Infolinks).

Google Adsense is the main program to generate revenue with articles published on Hubpages. The targeted Ads from Adsense will automatically be entered in your articles and every time a reader clicks on you will get paid from Adsense.

Another way to earn money with HubPages is eBay affiliate program.  The people that visit and read your articles will see some advertising related to the content and may also be interested in purchase from eBay. Every time someone buys something you earn a commission.

HubPages Logo

HubPages Features

HubPages is written solely to promote a single product or service and its “HubScore” system heavily penalises articles that are already published elsewhere on the internet.

Some Hubbers find these measures restrictive, but it has prevented the spamming problems experienced at Squidoo, and helped to maintain the quality of the site.

In order to make money from Hubpages you must have good writing skills : you just have to write some quality articles and the rest of the things are taken care of at Hubpages.

Here there are some of the features that you can see in Hubpages :

  • A simple and easy to use interface to write and publish Hubs.
  • The site design and Search Engine Optimization is taken care by
  • Comment section, RSS, Email subscription, Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Rating content, Flagging, Poll and all other widgets, gadgets and functions that you find on other websites or blogs can also be added in your Hub.
  •  You can add Pictures, Videos and etc to make your Hub look unique, attractive and thus have your personal touch that would create a lasting impression in a visitor’s mind.
  • Hubpages have a very efficient help and support section with a step-by-step wizard-like content creation and publishing tool giving suggestion in every step – right from choosing a URL, Title to Content to Publishing. In addition they have a helpful Forum too.

Tips to Increase Revenue Online with HubPages

Here you can find some tips in order to increase your revenue with Hubpages :

  1. make sure when you edit your hubs to set your ad settings on high. The more ads you display the more money you can earn;
  2. you can earn more money by inviting more people to HubPages to create Hubs;
  3. you need to sign up with eBay and Amazon to promote their products, after this they will give you a unique ID, much like the adsense one. Edit your affiliate settings and you are ready to go;
  4. promote your articles with links on your social sites and by social bookmarking. Send links to family and friends who may be interested in reading your articles.
  5. write high quality content.


Examiner, Papatoto and eHow are three other user generated websites that are similar to HubPages.


Hubpages is a great way to make money online : have fun writing !

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