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Make Easy “Paybox Money” Online with PayBox (Now VirtaPay)

Paybox  (now VirtaPay) is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.

It is a closed box, that means for now you can move PayBox (now VirtaPay) money only between their users.

At first, I did not wanted to post about this site, then I looked around forums and researched it with google to check the feedback of people who registered when PayBox (now VirtaPay) started, around September 2010.

Obviously, there are different opinions around the web about whether this site is scam or not, but one thing is certain, registration is completely free (they do not request credit card number, just your e-mail and name and you have to subscribe to their blog RSS Feed) and all they want is a contribution such as surveys, some quiz and you will follow their blog, where they are posting the progress of their project.

I decided to post about Paybox  (now VirtaPay) because it has becomed very popular around (they have currently 272,000 active users) and I was clear in post title : you will make for now just PayBox currency (according to is “autonomous and independent of all nations and governments.”).

If you decide to sign up, you will be a EarlyBird users and you will take part of the testing of this site. screenshot

How VirtaPay Works

At beginning they were giving 50$ (in PayBox currency – now 25$ as bonus) for new registrations and there also was a PayBox Shop (now VirtaPay) (for now it is closed) : it was an online auction where you could bid with your PayBox currency to win and obtain real items (I read around the web in a post about an Ipod auction for example, in October 2010).

They say that the PayBox Shop was designed as a way to help them test their developing payment systems.

They inform that there will be more testing and more growth to do before PayBox (now VirtaPay) goes live and “Opens the Box“.
They want grow and hit their user base to 2-5 million users, before they can really begin work to “Open the Box”.

As wrote above, they currently have many active users.

When they will “Open the Box”, they say that they will invite merchants to accept PayBox (now VirtaPay) . This will allow PayBox (now VirtaPay) users to pay any merchant who has registered to accept PayBox (now VirtaPay) payments. They also plan to offer debit cards linked to user accounts.

It is easy to say that in the Paybox  (now VirtaPay) (now VirtaPay) future there 2 options :

– it is a SCAM : they will disappear, not paying anyone and just for istance think that they did a lot of surveys and quiz about hundreds of thousands of people and their site reached a very high traffic rank;

-it is not a SCAM : they will accomplish on their projects.

If you want,   sign up for FREE and start make PayBox money from now.

I am very curious to see what happens (and whatever will happen, it is a great example of a successful internet marketing project).

What do you think?

Are you going to try to make money online with VirtaPay?

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