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How to Make Money with Online Surveys

One of the popular methods used to earn money is to complete online surveys.

The market researcher are paid by companies (manufacturers or companies providing services) to collect comments or feedback received from their consumers.

The collection of this data is done online.

These market research companies will pay some money to complete these questionnaires ( they return you in small part, what they receive from their  clients, that will pay obviously a lot more).

Sure, there are many examples of SPAM (companies that do not pay for the work done) and this cause a general distrust versus this type of activity.

But you have to consider that there are hundreds of serious companies that perform this task with professionalism and will pay you.

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Online Surveys Sites

You can find a very popular resource here :

– YellowSurveys, the yellow pages of paid surveys.

Also here below some links between the companies more serious:

– Survey Spot ;

– Vindale Research ;

– MyView (formerly Survey Direct) ;

– Opinion Outpost ;

– Harris Online Poll ;

– Valued Opinion ;

– Global Test Market  ;

– Toluna ;

– MySurvey .

You can join as many market research company listed above as possible, in order to get later the paid surveys invitation emails sent to you by these companies.

The profit at beginning is not so high, but later in time you can make a decent amount of dollars.

Generally the surveys are addressed to resident in U.S. or Canada, although you can find paid online surveys from companies of others countries in the world.

The questionnaires are easy to fill in and normally are questions about what you think in relation of a specific product.

You will not become rich with the online surveys, but at least you can make some extra cash with a very little effort !

Have fun !

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