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How to Make Money Online Uploading Files

One of the many ways to make money online is trough uploading files in certain sites and earn money every time your files are downloaded by someone.

There are a lot of these sites, but the pay rates are not so interesting enough to decide to invest your time and your resources.

But if you look well around, you may find something : for example ShareCash.

ShareCash offers quite high pay rates, (from 0,40 up to 0,80 cents of dollar per download), compairing to other file sharing sites.

If you have interesting files to share, you can make some earnings with ShareCash.

You can sign up easily here.

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Tips to Make Money Uploading Files

Some tips in order to make more money uploading files :

1 – your files need to be popular if you want to get the most downloads, like videos of famous events, as well as soccer tournament, game cheats or demos, music files, E-books (file must not be copyrighted or with sexually explicit content);

2 – advertise your files posting on dedicated forums;

3 – discover the power of Youtube advertising, simply creating videos about your files.

Official ShareCash tips page here.


Good luck finding your right and proper most downloaded files !

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