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How to Make Money Online as Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for a new job or a work to do at home and if you have already gained experience in this field, then you can think to start make money online as virtual assistant, called also virtual secretary.

The services that you will offer may vary from electronic publishing to data entry, from phone answering or editing services and many others.

How You Work as Virtual Assistant

The web has made clearly a revolution, discovering many new jobs and people around the world with a pc, internet connection and telephone can actually work without leaving their own home. Encryption software like VPN have also made online document transfer secure, making it easier for you to find virtual assistant positions.

As virtual assistant, work will be sent you via email and if you are quick and efficient you will have a huge list of clients who are desperate to find someone that can do their job.

The combination of email, online messaging systems and telephone has made easy to keep in touch with people from all over the world.

You do not need to be able to hand someone a solid document anymore : you can simply attach it to an email and it will arrive in the inbox of your receiver in just few seconds.

You do not have to be expert in all the tasks as virtual assistant, because you can specialize in what you do better : for example you can be an extremely fast typist.

As virtual assistant you can really earn money online, as you will be an independent entrepreneur who will work for different companies.

What are the applicable charges for the service? In most cases, prices are hovering around the 80/90 dollars per month for each customer, so it becomes essential to have a good number of clients.

A nice Girl in front of a laptop screen working as virtual assistant

How to Find Jobs as Virtual Assistant

You can look for virtual assistance work in one of the many online job sites that invite freelancers to sign up and look for work.

One of the most popular one is .

In this site you can check the work that you want to do, browsing the list of ones available and when you like one, you bid on it (making sure you post a realistic bid) for the amount of money you are happy to do the work if you win the job.

Start joining more that one site, searching for virtual assistant jobs, so you can compare all the opportunities and choose the ones that respect your abilities.

Be sure to keep accurate records of what you do and take the time to fill your personal profile, with your talents, skills and achievement in order to attract more the people that will hire you.

Do not forget to be persistent, above all at the beginning, because it will take a while before you get your first contract.

Once you start, you will find easier to get more assigments and you will discover that once you get paid from a client, the same will come back to you in the future offering more jobs and contacting you directly without using an intermediary site.


So good luck working at home and making money online as virtual assistant !

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