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How to Make Money From Photography : Sell Your Images Online

If you love photography, you can turn your passion into money, selling your photos online.

With the advent of digital cameras, taking a good picture has become even easier (consider that Kodak has declared bankruptcy not long ago – times are changed! ).

Staying up to date with this technological speed is a rule for a business : you must be flexible, but also know how to predict the changes!

However, the procedure to sell your images online is very simple : just sign up to some of the most popular sites of this topic, upload your images directly from the browser or ftp, enter your title, description, keywords for each image and wait for the checks !

Each site will contact you to alert you if your photo has been accepted or not, and normally you will be contacted for any sales : though to be more accurate, these options are configurable in various boards of directors of your profile.

Tips to Sell Your Images Online

Here you find some tips.

In order to succeed, your photos need to have :

  1. right subject : a travel destination or an essence of idea, for example;
  2. high quality : well-lighted, sharp and high resolution is needed;
  3. originality : not copied from others sites;
  4. ownership : you are the only owner of the photos.

It will be a lot easier if you have your portfolio online, in your own site or in one of the several specialized hosting photographer’s portfolio companies (they can also help you to sell your images).

A camera with banknotes around

Popular Sites to Sell Your Images

Take a look to these resources, if you want to start making money online selling your images :

Crestock (this last one is for experts).


If you enjoy taking photos, it is more fun getting paid for it !

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