Earn Traffic with Digg

Digg is a famous social media and you can use it to increase your blog traffic.

If you are not a Digg Expert, it is important that you first know something before just start to use it.

Digg is a mixture of a social networking site and a social bookmarking site.

Users submit new links in the form of articles, images or videos and then other users can vote it up or down, known as a digg or bury, and they can also comment.

The more diggs a link receives, the more likely it is to appear on Digg’s front page, and therefore, the more page views it gets and the more traffic you will receive.

If you want to use this social network just to submit all your blog posts, then just forget it because Digg’s closely united community will find you out and your Digg life will be soon finished.

So the suggestion is to submit just your most important posts, just your most interesting articles.

Digg is social and the most important part of it is engaging with others.

Before submitting your own content, spend at least some weeks submitting other links, digging, commenting and building a network.

Also make sure you are writing quality posts and try building a community in your blog as well.

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Your goal is to do this because the power of this social network is found not in one user submitting links for his domain, but many users submitting many different links from the web.

Once you have created a network of at least 30 active users, preferably 50 and the links you submit are being dugg and commented, then you can consider submitting your own posts.

However, do not just start submitting every one of your posts or every other post.

Start by submitting a minimun part of your contents.

Make sure that you are analyzing your traffic to check see if you are actually getting traffic from Digg when you start doing this procedure.

Of course if you are not getting any traffic, then you need to invest time elsewhere.

Otherwise if you are getting traffic, make sure you are writing high quality posts so that users come back and even start submitting your posts themselves.

You can make this easier to happen by putting a Digg button on each of your posts.

Finally, this can bring traffic to your blog indirectly, by adding SEO value.

Like many social sites, Digg put a nofollow tag on submitted links, which does not add SEO value to the submitted links, but at least can bring traffic.

Have fun with Digg !

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