How to Earn Traffic and Cash with YouTube

YouTube is present in 22 countries and speak 24 different languages.

Every day, they are made more than 2 billion visits.

24 hours of video are uploaded every minute, without stopping.

Each user spends at least 15 minutes a day on YouTube.

70% of site traffic comes from video sharing sites outside of U.S. territory.

YouTube has billions of searches a month, second only to Google itself.

And not a lot of time ago, Google purchased YouTube !

YouTube offers one of the web’s largest audiences and with just as many users over 55 as under 18, it’s a much more diverse audience than you might think.

YouTube is a powerful, creative and efficient partner in your mission to reach the right users at the right time.

Drive traffic to your videos in an efficient and relevant way by promoting your video to the scores of YouTube visitors searching for videos.

YouTube truly has become the world’s largest magazine rack.

From sports to fashion, with thousands of content partners, whatever type of premium content you are looking to advertise against, you will find it on YouTube.

Considering that YouTube streams more than 1,5 billion videos every day, it’s easy to write it off as oversaturated and move on.

But most of the content is garbage, and few people take the time to properly optimize their submissions.

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There are primarily two places you can rank well for your target keywords :

– first place is on YouTube itself;
– the other place is on the search engines themselves.

The most important thing to remember about optimizing for YouTube is that the videos are invisible to search engines.

YouTube converts the video files you upload into Flash, and search engines have a difficult time understanding what’s inside a Flash file, especially a video.

This demonstrates how important the surrounding content is to the page’s potential ability to rank for your target keywords.

Youtube automatically generates meta tags for every view page.

The name of the video becomes the title tag, the description (found in the “more info” section) becomes the meta description tag, and the YouTube tags become the content of the page’s meta keywords tag.

There are two types of YouTube channels: brand channels and user channels.

Remember that in your Profile of YouTube the link is DoFollow !

See these important tips for optimization :

• write links in profile pages wherever possible ;

• write appropriate keywords in the name of the video;

• for every video, write a unique, keyword-rich description that includes a URL;

• write the URL at the beginning of the description : in this way, even when the “more info” option is collapsed, the user will still see the link;

• provide video transcripts if possible;

• take advantage of YouTube’s features : you can add notes, subtitles, descriptions, and links directly over the top of the video;

• tag your videos with keywords;

• encourage participation;

• put a logo in your videos;

• YouTube pulls thumbnails from the one quarter, half, and three quarters marks of every video : you can then choose which thumbnail is displayed, so try to manipulate your video so that a compelling image appears at one of these points;

• take advantage of YouTube Insights.

As everything, you will improve your videos from time to time.

Of course, if the video you upload become very popular and it is seen a lot of time, you can join the program of YouTube to make money with your videos.

You may want to buy youtube views, if you need a fast increase of popularity of your videos. With this service, your view counter will increase fast and you will reach the visibility you need.


Have fun with YouTube !

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