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If you have a blog, you surely know how important is SEO.

A part of basic rules of optimization that you need to apply to the content of your site, you want to check from time to time, a complete report of your blog, that will give you a lot of useful information.

As you know, it is always good to learn from experienced people, when you want to understand more about the subject you are interested in.

Jeremy of Shoemoney is one of the most popular person in the web and he started to make money online several years ago.

Now as problogger he is teaching and helping other people on how to build an online business.

Among other things, he created a site, FreeSeoReport, that give the opportunity with just few steps to receive a detailed free report about Search Engine Optimization of a specific URL, it can be your site or blog.

"Free SEO Report" screenshot

How to Get Your Free SEO Report

Go to FreeSeoReport, add your URL, then write your primary keyword and inserting just your e-mail, you will receive a lot of useful information in each part of the report :

  • Overview
  • Document title
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3)
  • Body text
  • URL
  • Sitemap and robots.txt
  • Meta description
  • Links
  • HTML Code and page load time
  • Images
  • Meta keywords

For istance in the overview section of report, you will find a detailed list of your top 10 competitors with your exact same keyword and a nice scheme with your and their Page Rank, Yahoo Link domain, Yahoo Links, Alexa rank and Domain Age.

The best news is that at end of every page in the detailed report, you will also find some general suggestions on how to improve your position.

This free SEO report is very good and I suggest you to keep your subscription to the service, so you can monitorate your URL or inquiry for new reports.

Good luck in ranking high in Google !

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