5 reasons why it’s worth to participate in leather fairs

A leather fair is a crowning point of year’s work for many manufacturers. It’s a place where main branch players meet to decide about the future directions of leather making. If you are a hide or chemistry producer, leather trade specialist or leather apparel manufacturer, you should consider attending such fair. Here are some reasons why.


Knowledge exchange

Leather fair or exhibition is a great place for exchanging knowledge. You will meet there many other professionals, who may run some of their processes differently, use different machines and chemicals. Talk to people, learn how it’s done elsewhere.

Leather exhibitions attract visitors from all over the world, so it is a one of a kind opportunity to gain knowledge about foreign techniques. What’s more – the exhibitors will do everything in their power to stand out and impress with their products. This is where they present the technological novelties they sell.


Competition check

Knowing your competition is crucial for understanding one’s business and finding your own unique selling point. Leather fair is just the place to start. The venue is open for exhibitors, visitors and speakers, so it provokes lots of interactions.

Make sure you visit all the exhibitors’ stands and attend the speakers presentations. Absorb everything and think how you can grow your business with what you’ve learned.



Trend news

As you know, the hide is used for many different purposes. Alongside apparel and footwear, leather is widely used for producing furniture, car upholstery, and many accessories. At the leather exhibition you will find out about latest trends in the branch.

Whether it’s about new production techniques or improved chemistry on the market – the exhibitors and innovators will make sure people learn about the current trends.


Business growth

Your business may be good, but there should always be room for growth. Use leather fair as an opportunity for networking. Talk to investors, producers, distributors, designers – talk to everyone, because you never know which conversation may result in profitable cooperation.

It could also be a great opportunity to extend your business abroad (if you haven’t done that already). If you are proud of your company – make it visible. Attend a leather fair as an exhibitor and let other professional know your work.


Market information

Leather market is often a place where the strongest companies of the branch meet and discuss about future of their business. Being up to date with market news is crucial for running profitable company. The prices go up and down, the local law regulations may complicate your trade and you should know what’s going on to effectively manage your affairs.

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