Five Tips to Make Money to Eliminate Your Debt in 90 days

Consumer debt is taking a serious shape after the colossal financial collapse in the US. In such situation, they enroll in a debt relief program to eliminate their debts.

When you default on your payment you should seriously start working on eradicating your financial woes.

Try to pay your high interest debts first otherwise accruing interest on the principal balance will make it unaffordable to pay off.

If you make extra money, you can effortlessly eliminate your debts within three months.


1. Calculate the total amount you owe to the creditors as it will help you understand the amount you need to earn in 3 months. Try to look for the money-making ventures that gives opportunity to make more money. Once you estimate the amount that is required to make to eliminate your debt, you can start working on ways to make some extra income.


2. You can prepare a list of things that you do not require and start selling them on-line. There are famous websites like and that will help you in selling items easily on the Internet. You can also buy things at lower price and sell them on these sites at higher rate. You can buy bags at discount price from your local departmental store and sell them on high price in these websites.

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3. Look for a part time job or take up freelance work along with your permanent income. You can ask your friends if they can help you getting a freelance work and you can earn some extra money during your free time. Your chances are high to make money by working from your house. There two common options that you can employ, firstly writing for on-line publishers and another for transcribing legal documentation.


4. You can promote a colossal rummage sale at your house during the summer by collecting items that your friends and family do not require. If you stay near a busy locality then your sale can be a success as more people can take a look at the items.


5. You can make extra money by mowing lawns, baby sitting or can easily work a few extra hours in retail. These jobs does not consume much time, therefore you can continue with your regular job along with this work.


PPI Claims

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is insurance created to help people keep up with loan, mortgage, credit card or store card repayments, in the circumstances of illness or unemployment.

After a long debate on how the cover was sold and if it was paying out, the banks lost in court and have set aside £9 billion to cover the pay outs. If you took out PPI cover, there is a chance it may have been miss-sold to you. The average payout can vary with the size of the loan or credit agreement, but can be in excess of £4,000. Even if you have doubts it’s well worth checking if you have taken out PPI and whether you are eligible to make a claim.

There are a number of ways in which the cover could have been miss-sold. It could have been sold to you if you were unemployed, self-employed, retired or had a medical problem that could have prevented you from working when taking out the insurance. This is miss-selling because you were never eligible for the product.

Another way in which the insurance was miss-sold was if you were told the cover was compulsory to secure the credit, or the entire cost of PPI was not fully explained. The final way it was miss-sold was through not knowing the person had the cover, however this was mainly on loans where it was added into the repayments.

It can very simple to make PPI claims; however there can be a time limit on making a successful claim. The sooner people make a claim the more likely they are to receive what is rightfully theirs.


The above mentioned tips can certainly help you to add some extra money to your income.

You can perhaps try some try some other innovative ways to do this.

But make sure to that that the way you opt for fetches in the money easily.

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