How to Make Money as Wedding Planner

If you love to stay around people and if you have strong organizational skills, then you can think to make money starting a business as wedding planner.

People spend a lot of time and cash on planning their weddings and there are a lot of things to organize and worry about : this is the reason why they need help.

Some wedding planners charge a fraction (it can be around 10%) of the total of the wedding cost, (which can range between $20,000 up to millions for wealthy people) or a flat fee (for istance in USA the fees typically range between $2500 to $5000 depending on the services provided).

You can think about runing also an online business, being the owner of a great website that gives advices on everything people need in order to plan the perfect wedding or you can consider to build an offline business, or in alternative create a solution that combines the two opportunities.

What You Should Do as Wedding Planner

As wedding planner, you should offer services like :

– talk with the couple and the parents to discover their needs ;

– find out the budget ;

– make a checklist of what you need ;

– make the list of invited people ;

– plan where place the events ;

– hire the service providers (caterers, photographers, beautician, florists, etc.), and prepare the contracts ;

– you need to have a plan “B” in the case of a disaster ;

– assist and prepare legal documentation and translations – especially for destination weddings.

a married couple during their marriage

Skills Involved to Become a Wedding Planner

If you want to be a wedding planner, you should :

– have excellent people abilities. If you can’t stay with the public you can’t work in this business ;

– be flexible with regard to ideas. While you may have very good ideas for a particular wedding, they may not quite work with what the bride or what groom wants ;

– have excellent taste in color schemes. The right colors can make beautiful a wedding and the wrongs ones can ruin it ;

– understand what type of flowers will work well with a given color scheme as well as their availability in that period of year. While it is possible to ship flowers for long distances, they still have to be in season somewhere before you can use them ;

– have the right contacts with florists, caterers, musicians, printers for invitations etc. If these relationships don’t yet exist you need to build them ;

– be familiar with the needs and traditions of different local religions and ethnic groups. What might be considered perfect for one group may be a slap in the face to another one.

Tips to Have Success as Wedding Planner

Here you can find also some tips for have success as wedding planner.

1. Consider apprenticeship. A good wedding planner must be able to anticipate events and organize every little detail about the wedding. However, it takes time to reach the level of knowledge that you will need to plan and create the perfect wedding. Consider learning the profession by working for someone else before start your own business.

2. Build your portfolio of satisfied clients. The wedding consulting business is created on reputation. Potential clients will surely want to take a look at your credentials and record of accomplishment in managing and organizing weddings, before hire you. To help you build a portfolio of your work, organize weddings for families and friends. Be sure to get pictures from the photographer and a recommendation from the bride.

3. Constantly update your knowledge of wedding trends and etiquette. Read magazines to keep you updated. You also need to learn about wedding and reception decorations, starting with flowers. Catch up on the latest trends on wedding attires. Take time to attend other weddings in order to learn some other great ideas that you can use in your business, as well as the big mistakes that you need to avoid.

4. Establish a network of suppliers that you can trust. Research the vendors that provide food, beverages, entertainment, clothing, and supplies for weddings within your area. It is important to know who is available and what they charge. Establish relationships with your potential suppliers and negotiate for the best possible price.

5. Try to improve your people skills. A wedding planner, your success will greatly depend on how well you work well with your clients. The bride and groom, as well as their families, can be nervous about getting everything ready for the big day. You need to have the ability to maintain a cool head and possess social graces.


Good luck then with your new business ! And have fun as Wedding Planner!

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