Choosing the Right Content Marketing Agency

Far too many business owners feel as though there is some magical formula when it comes to successful marketing, and that they, without having a marketing background, are unable to discover that on their own.

They may end up spending countless time and resources attending seminars, hiring consultants, or analyzing market trends in this pursuit.

While these options may prove to be beneficial in certain circumstances, there is actually a much easier and less costly path to marketing success.

What many don’t realize is that the key to marketing success is staring back at them in the mirror each morning.

Knowing oneself and, more particularly, one’s business is vital if one hopes to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Anyone who’s skeptical that the answer could be so simple should consider the following statistics: according to TMG Custom Media, 90% of consumers trust in custom content, with 71% of them citing the custom content as a sure sign that a company is seeking to develop relationships rather than simply trying to push sales.


Customization is Key

Anyone can spit out something that a marketing firm has given them, yet if it isn’t custom to what a company stands for and what its message is, consumers will more often-than-not feel like they’re listening to a snake oil salesman.

Thus, a successful marketing campaign must start with a company looking inward.

A good starting point is to answer the following questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Who are our customers?
  • What do they value in that which we provide?
  • How can we best communicate that to them?
  • Where do we see our marketing campaign going?

Believe it or not, many companies enter into the development of a marketing campaign without having thought about where they want that campaign to take them.

Most probably assume that the marketing firm will provide them with that direction.

Yet how can it tell them where they want to go if they don’t first understand where they currently are?

Asking oneself the above questions will help provide the direction in which his or her company’s marketing efforts should be focused.



Finding a Shared Vision

It’s then that one approaches a potential marketing partner – learn more.

A good marketing firm should immediately ask if a company has already done this self-assessment.

A firm that doesn’t value this implies that it knows a company better than the company itself.

Now, before continuing, it should be said that business owners should recognize the expertise that a marketing firm provides, and thus should be open to advice.

However, that advice should supplement their own wishes, not contradict them.

Once one’s company message, his or her target audience, and the goals of his or her marketing campaign have been stated, a good marketing provider will then look to tailor its services to those specific items.

Such direction should provide a good indication of which marketing methods will best reach the target audience.

These methods typically include:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations

The path to which a company reaches its marketing goals should be dynamic, and will likely include elements of all four marketing methods at some point.

The success of any relationship between a company and its marketing provider relies upon understanding.

The company must understand that the marketing firm brings with it the skills and experience to make a marketing campaign successful.

The marketer must also understand that the company knows itself and its customer base best.

It’s only when that level of understanding is reached that the two entities can produce remarkable marketing results together.

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  1. Well, an interesting article on choosing the right content marketing agency. There should be a clarity of communication from the company to the agency before selection is made.

    I couldn’t agree more with the fact that asking the right questions highlighted in the part where companies are urged to look inward are very necessary.

    If a company understand itself better then it becomes easier to pass its objectives to the right marketing agency!

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  2. Mull over important facts and throwing questions that you are concerned with. That is how you will decide on the right content marketing agency. Choosing what fits your idea and business is vital to think about.

    You must know all the essential stuffs, well, agencies can be an essential help as brands reinvent themselves with content marketing. Here is a list of agencies you can consult.

    Nice article. This is a good guide.
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  3. Hi Eric,
    Nice tips for choosing a content marketing agency. We should also compare the prices to go with the affordable agency.

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    I loved these both section very much: Customization is Key and Finding a Shared Vision. This is a nice line which attracted my attention “The success of any relationship between a company and its marketing provider relies upon understanding.”

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