Guide to Writing a Small Business Management Essay

Writing on Management is harder than dealing with many other disciplines, as you need to cover issues which are not theoretical, but practical by their nature. You can fantasize or make something up — you need to describe, for example, realistic traits and problems of a small business management. To get you started we have collected some ideas on what to cover in your essay writing.

Start with the Levels of Management

  • Unorganized management – corresponds to small enterprises with up to 20 employees. They lack a special management unit, the management itself is conducted at the elementary level.
  • Organized management is typical for enterprises with 21 to 100 employees. They have a special management unit capable of managing the economy in an organized way.
  • Scientifically based organized management – corresponds to enterprises with more than 100 employees. But such enterprises have well-organized management units, each of which has a higher management technology in its field.

Define the Criterion of Successful Management

The main criterion of the modern management system is to ensure the efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise. This is especially important for small businesses where it is difficult to count on success without observing these conditions.

The management organization assumes dealing with the following questions:

  • creation of an enterprise structure;
  • distribution of powers.

For small businesses, the simplest is the structure of the firm, which is in sole proprietorship. Such a firm is usually managed by the owner, who takes all the risk of entrepreneurship. In this case, as a rule, the head of the company itself is engaged in finance, supply, sales, prices, advertising.

As the company grows and sales grow, a management team is created. It may include a manager (owner of the firm), a supply agent, a sales agent, an accountant. But even with such a simple organizational structure, many small firms face complex problems. Experience shows that one of the main factors contributing to the ruin of small firms is the lack of managerial knowledge among the owners and managers of these enterprises. Therefore, for survival and effective functioning in the conditions of tough competition, sooner or later they are forced to resort to the services of consulting firms or to hire professional managers.

Elaborate on Managers Role in a Small Business

Management in small business is primarily due to informal execution of power. Relationship manager and subordinates are quite direct and open. The practice has developed certain requirements for the personality of a small business manager:


  • The manager is always in sight, his authority depends on his professional and personal qualities.
  • The manager should have great flexibility in work, be able to anticipate events and adapt the activities of the company to changing conditions.
  • The manager should have the ability to form and develop effective working groups.
  • The manager should perceive his subordinates as a group, not as individuals, and maintain communication with them as a group.
  • The task of the manager is not to formalize relations in the team, but to take them into account in their work, to maintain an atmosphere of creative interaction.
  • The manager should have a high ability to influence others.
  • The manager should be able to train and develop subordinates.
  • The manager is responsible for the results of the work and the atmosphere in the team.


The listed requirements characterize a competent, professional manager who knows the peculiarities of managing a team in a small business and takes them into account in their work.

Leave Time for Proofreading

Even if the content of your essay is to die for, you still need to allocate enough time for proofreading. Countless number of students got bad marks because of technical omissions in their academic paper. If you spend time writing something, make sure to secure result and read your final draft several times at least. You can also use editing and proofreading apps and programs.

If still nothing rings a bell, or you simply don’t have enough time to analyze structures and proofread the whole thing, have your paper written by a professional essay writing service, and focus on something more valuable. Sometimes, delegating assignments is the only way to get things done on time.


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