Need Some Cash? Here’s How To Make Quick Money

We can all do with a bit of extra cash sometimes. But if you are already working super hard and spend most of your spare time looking after your family, it can be difficult to squeeze in some extra work.

However, you can raise some funds even without getting some side work. Want to know how to make your bank balance a lot healthier quicklier? Here’s our guide to making quick money.

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Start Blogging

Blogging isn’t just a hobby; many bloggers are actually making quite a nice sum of money from creating their online content! Of course, you can’t instantly set up a blog that will make some cash.

You need to start off unpaid and wait until you increase your audience. This will help you attract the attention of potential sponsors. You can then sell advertising space to them. Another way bloggers make money is by posting sponsored posts. However, for some sponsored posts you will just receive a free product to try. But still; free stuff!


Sell Your Old Stuff

Is your wardrobe ready for a clearout? It can be worth rummaging through all your old clothes to see if there is anything you can sell on auction sites such as eBay. You will be surprised at what you can sell online; it doesn’t just have to be clothes. Second-hand furniture is also highly sought after.

However, if you have a bulky piece of furniture to sell, online isn’t the best place for it. Take it to an antiques dealer or furniture shop to see if they can do a deal and give you a good price for it.


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Sell New Stuff

And you don’t have to only sell your old stuff! If you fancy a new business venture you can run from home, think about setting up an online shop. You can usually create one on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

First of all, you will need things to sell. Buying wholesale will keep your costs down so that you can make big markups on everything you sell. Jewelry sells particular well, such as elf925 wholesale silver jewelry.


Take Part In Online Surveys

Many students know this trick already and spend their free time filling out online surveys. How does it work?

It depends on the various sites you use, but most will pay you a few dollars for a survey that takes up a few minutes of your time. If you can fit a few different surveys into your day, you could end up with a nice little second income. There are many different websites where you can take part, including Toluna.


Taking Advantage Of The Disney Vault

Disney keeps demand for their classic movies high by taking some DVDs and Blurays off the market for a decade. During this period, the movies that are in the vault won’t be for sale anywhere.

So it can be worth taking a look through your collection. Got a DVD that is currently locked in the vault? It could be worth putting it on eBay to see how much you can make!

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