Local Citations for Small Business: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Local citations are a remarkable marketing tool available to small and local business owners. It helps bring credibility to your local business and makes you visible to your target customers. If you are not familiar with how local citations work, here is a quick primer that will help you gain a basic understanding of this incredible digital marketing tool.


What is a citation?

In simple terms, a citation means a mention of your business online. While the mention of your business name or website may also be called a citation, a good and complete citation includes the link to your website, your business logo and your NAP (name, address and phone number of your business).


Why are local citations important for small business?

Local citations are indispensable for improving your local search engine rankings. It’s simple—when your business is listed/mentioned/cited on several authoritative trade directories and websites, it is viewed as an authentic and reliable business by Google as well as your potential customers.


What is a citation audit?

When you hire a good citation service, they will run an in-depth audit of good and bad citations and draw up your current citation profile. This is an important step in the citation-building process, but unfortunately it is skipped by most citation service providers.

Once the audit is complete, the agency then focuses on correcting the bad citations (for instance, a citation with incorrect address or contact details) to ensure that each online mention of your business provides accurate information.


How are new citations built?

The citation service asks the client for correct and up-to-date NAP. It then does a citation audit, repairs bad citations, builds new niche-specific citations, and sends the client a detailed report with details of each citation supported by screengrabs.


What are the benefits of hiring a local citation service?

If you hire an experienced and reputed digital agency, you gain access to the countless industry-specific authority websites in their network. They will build citations by gaining mentions of your business on industry directories and sites, social media platforms and video streaming services that are most relevant and are trusted for their high-quality content.

The greater the number of your citations on authority platforms, the better your chances of showing up in local search results. Explore https://www.submitcore.com/guest-posting-service/ to learn how citations and backlinks help boost SEO rankings.


What are media citations?

A media citation refers to citations in the form of videos that are geotagged and optimized—and they greatly benefit your local citation profile.

More and more small businesses are using the power of media to improve their SEO rankings and grab the attention of their ideal customers through engaging visual content. To gain advantage of this and other new marketing tools custom-designed for small business owners, look for a local digital agency that offers it all: seo packages, a robust back-link service, and a citation building service. This will give you access to a comprehensive internet marketing solution for small business.



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