Performing Background Checks in the Hiring Process

When hiring for an important role, the last thing you want to deal with is an applicant who has forged their credentials. Use this guide to help avoid a potential disaster with a full check of your applicant’s background. This should include a review of their educational, criminal and employment history.


Verify Educational Backgrounds

Forging academic credentials is a common way applicants embellish their job applications. With the level of details given in forgeries, telling the real from the fake has become increasingly difficult. Fortunately, with education verification services, confirming an applicant’s school, attendance dates, degree and major is easier than ever. Take advantage of these services to avoid falling victim to a fake document.


Find Out Any Criminal History

A criminal background check has become a standard screening for most jobs. This review can be performed at the county, state or federal level. When performing a criminal background check, you want to keep in mind the position that the person will be hired for as well as their access to confidential corporate information. Finally, keep in mind that depending on the level of check, the wait times can vary greatly.


Double-Check Employment Information

When reviewing your potential applicants, you want to go over their employment history then perform a full employment check. An easy way to simplify this process is to ask for references or approval to contact their previous employers. This will allow you to talk to people who have worked directly with this candidate and give you a better idea of them as employees. Be sure to check their dates, responsibilities and actual job title when speaking with their references.

The hiring process is complicated in the digital age, and verifying information has become an increasingly difficult task. Take the time to review your candidates to ensure you get the right one.

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