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Open MRI Scans Are Designed To Give Patients A Peace Of Mind

It is no secret that an MRI is an important part of diagnosing an ailment. It is also no secret that the thought of scheduling an MRI leads to feelings of stress, fear and anxiety.

What is it about an MRI scanner that makes patients feel anxious? The table slides into an enclosed machine, which makes patients feel trapped inside a small space. It may feel like the end of the world to a patient who suffers from severe or even mild claustrophobia. There is also the fact that the enclosed scanner restricts their movement. This makes it difficult for them to get into a comfortable position before the scan.

How can a patient put their mind at ease when scheduling their MRI? The solution would be asking for an open MRI scanner. There are many facilities and hospitals that use open MRI scanners, and most physicians even request an open machine for their patients. The design of an open MRI machine is less confining than a traditional machine.

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The procedure starts with the patient lying on a cushioned table that slides into the open scanner. The open space makes it easy to get into a comfortable position, and patients do not have to worry about feeling trapped inside a small space. A technician monitors the patient and stays connected using a high-quality speaker system. It gives patients a peace of mind to know they are going to be comfortable and monitored throughout the procedure.

The open MRI machine is designed to accommodate patients of various sizes, and the body-weight capacity makes it easier to scan larger patients. Patients do not have to worry about feeling crammed or uncomfortable inside the machine. Open MRI scanners such as the Hitachi Airis Elite obtains high-quality images of the body to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Patients do not have to wait weeks for the results when they opt for an open MRI scan. It usually takes the physician 24 hours to receive and interpret the results. Patients are able to discuss their treatment and road to recovery shortly after the procedure.

The open MRI machine is the right choice for patients who suffer from claustrophobia or just want to feel comfortable during the procedure. The top-notch machines and high-quality images allow physicians to make an accurate diagnosis without sacrificing their comfort.

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