7 Ways to Improve Staff Retention

Getting quality employees to walk through the door is great, but being able to keep them is a task that might require making some changes.

Below are seven ways to help improve your ability to retain the best employees and eliminate the constant need to recruit new help.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

You will enjoy a happier workforce if your company can offer the most competitive rates and benefits in the business. It will also attract a more serious level of candidate. Offering vacation and sick days, safety incentives and a host of other benefits has a way of attracting a higher caliber of employee.

Ongoing Training

Training should be an ongoing process at almost any job. If you can offer training as a means of earning promotion and rotation to other positions, employees will be more likely to stay. It shows that you are willing to invest in their future potential.

Make Room for Advancement

Offering promotions from within the company is a sure way to cultivate employee loyalty. You will find better retention numbers if the employees feel like there is opportunity for advancement in the company.

Remove Glass Ceilings

Every employee should feel they have an opportunity to advance, whether they are male, female, young, old or have workable disabilities. Remove even the slightest hint that there is an invisible glass ceiling.

Complete Company Transparency

Allow employees to feel that they are in the loop when big decisions are made that effect day-to-day operations. No one wants to hear about potential layoffs, or how the business is going to make drastic changes from the local news. Let everyone know in a timely manner.

Hire the Right Employees for the Position

Place the right individuals in the right positions. Not everyone is the right fit, but after researching other talents and skills, move the employee into a position they might be better suited to succeed.

Offer Flexibility

Life these days can be very hectic for everyone. Offer flexible scheduling for people that have secondary jobs, or have children that need looked after when school is out each day. Being able to work around class schedules for those that want to better themselves through additional schooling is also another way to improve employee retention.

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