2 Benefits of Fire Sprinklers

Fires are a common disaster for businesses. To prevent fire damage and the potential loss of records, files or equipment, most buildings have fire prevention methods. Some of the most common of these are sprinkler systems Rockland County NY. Here are two ways these handy systems can protect your business.


They React Immediately

One of the perks of fire sprinklers is the automatic response to the fire. Sprinklers are triggered by extreme temperatures. When a fire begins, the heat rises to the ceiling and the temperature increases. When the fire reaches a certain temperature, the sprinkler is activated.

It can take firefighters about ten minutes before arriving on the scene. Your fire sprinklers can start taking out most of the fire or even extinguish it before the fire engine pulls up to the building.


They Reduce Water Damage

It seems like a paradox to worry about water damage when a fire has started, but it can do just as much damage as a fire can do. Water from the fire hose can snuff out the fire but leaves a soaking building behind that may or may not need extensive water damage repair.

Fire sprinklers use a lot less water than a typical fire hose. If the sprinklers can take out a fire before the firefighters come, you can contain the damage of both fire and water.

Ultimately, any business owner will try their best to prevent fires from happening in the first place. Use safety protocols, have fire extinguishers nearby and inform employees of certain rules or procedures. If a fire does occur, teach your team beforehand the evacuation plan. Property can be replaced, but your team members are your priority in any disaster.

There are real benefits to installing fire sprinklers in your building, and it may be required by the city. Do your best to prepare your business for a fire.

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