5 Questions Every Interviewer Must Ask While Hiring Their First IT Support Technician

Recruiting a team is one of the most important tasks for a company. The kind of people you choose to hire affect the short and long-term health of your company.


When it comes to tech support, it is the backbone of your company’s website and systems used by the company workers. You would want to hire someone who can take on tasks both small and large, so that your outsourced help is reduced, making your expenditures efficient.

As for the question, “how to know that a person is right for your company?” we have 5 important questions listed below to ask while conducting an interview to know the prospect better.


1. What Skills Do They Possess in IT Support

This is a question that will tell you more about the previous background and educational qualifications of your prospect. You also need to ask them what coding languages they can understand and write, if they have any independent certifications that would be useful to your company’s IT Support designation and how.


2. Ask Them About Their Previous Work Experience and Their Reasons To Switch Companies

If your candidate is not a fresher, you should ask them about their job, responsibilities and projects undertaken in their previous place of employment. Also, ask them about the reasons for wanting to switch- a very crucial question which will give you an insight into their requirement from an employer.


3. What Are Their Expectations from The Company

The candidate must have an idea about what they expect to learn from the company, and what remuneration they expect. This answer will tell you if the vision of the candidate aligns with yours. You both would need to be on the same page if you want the best possible results from a prospective employee.


4. Ask Them About Their Future Plans

Asking this question will tell you whether the candidate wants a short-term or long-term stay at the company. If they want to study further and leave, you may have to consider the costs of re-hiring and training a new person to replace him in the IT Support department. Some candidates are just looking for in-between jobs to fill the gap where work experience is required. At times, companies are looking to hire a low budget employee because of low funds, and will later replace them with a specialist once it collects adequate capital to pay.


5. What Would Be Their Course of Action In Case Of A Total System Meltdown Or Cyber Attack

This is a technical question that focuses on the worst-case scenario for a company in case things go down south. An efficient IT Support candidate would be able to tell you about his sequence of measures to recover the site and systems quickly and efficiently. Pay attention to the order of their priorities as you should be looking for someone who knows what to save and protect first and what information can be risked during the recovery process.

Your potential employees must be as such that they add value to your company. The vision and mission of both the company and employee must coincide to ensure that they are a proper fit for your organization.


By asking the above questions, you will get a better idea if the person would help your company thrive and reach a better position when it comes to cost-effectiveness in tech support. If you are looking for IT services for your company or firm, we strongly recommend you to look for IT Services in Utah.

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