6 Social Media Tools For Marketers

In this modern era, social media usage is at least 4-5 hours daily. Wherever you see, you will find people using their phones and more than half of them Are engaged with a social media platform. If you need to find someone, you use social media, if you want to get to know someone, you use social media, if you need information about something, you use social media. Social media has spread so much in the past few years that its success is remarkable. You would hardly find 1 or 2 people in total who wouldn’t be engaged with any social media platform. Since people are using so much social media, they have decided to make money through it. Many people have established a business through social media and are at a great road of success right now. You can use any social media platform and turn in into a marketing campaign. Although, to gain success as a social media marketer, you would need to keep certain things in mind. Following are the six tools that would help you become a better social media marketer:


#1 Waffle

Waffle is as sweet as the name suggests. This tool can help you increase your social media marketing in many ways. This tool helps you with your user-generated ads. It simplifies that process and creates any feeds related to @ or hashtag. For starters, you can make an account and Attach your twitter or Instagram account with it. Then waffle with track content published by any other account containing a particular hashtag. This tool would display all the content on social media platforms that are related to your feed. This tool can be beneficial for you to understand your account and how many people are already aware of what you’re doing.


#2 Refind

Another fantastic and useful tool to enhance your social media marketing skills. Every social media user has faced a common problem which is trying to remember an article that you once read that would be perfect to share on your social media platform. This tool not only helps you find that particular article, but it also helps you find relevant stuff that would be accurate to share with your followers. This tool can be handy although, it’s. Little difficult to use since you either have to be invited or join the waitlist. But once you go through that process and have access to this tool, you’d learn that it’s the right marketing tool for you.


#3 Rocketium

Rocketium is an interesting tool to help you with your social media engagement. This tool helps you create innovative videos for your account. You should always post something interesting to keep your audience interesting and engaged with your account, and this tool helps you achieve your goal. It’s easy to use. It divides your screen into two parts, one, to display all your videos and images that you want to compile and second, to add animation or music in it. This tool is free for watermarked videos but paid for premium.


#4 Yala

Yala is a tool that only works if you have the tool slack. This tool helps you learn what time your followers are most engaged with your account and lets you schedule your posting times with the help of slack. Recently, this tool is working with Facebook and Twitter. It’s not so difficult you use. All you need to do is click add to slack Button, and once you get through the permissions, Yala would start its tutorial and guide you through. This tool can be very useful if you want to know the interests of your followers and want to keep them engaged with your work.


#5 Quuu

When you’re using social media, you need to be topic unique to keep your audience’s interest in your content. The more limited content you post, the more people would know your aim and would help you achieve your goal. Quuu helps you find content related to your topic and keeps you updated with any new content that comes up related to your topic. This tool is very simple to you; you just have to make an account and select a platform where you would send your suggestions to. You also get to choose your interested categories so that you can find more relevant content.


#6 Vibbi

Who doesn’t want to grow their Instagram followers in an organic way? Vibbi helps you do that. By using Vibbi, you can buy Instagram followers and likes. Vibbi claims these followers to be real and engaging as they claim to bring those followers by using an organic promotion technique. Want to gain followers on Instagram fast? Use Vibbi.


#7 Reveal

If you have an online business with one of the social media platforms, you probably have paid advertisements engaged with your social media. You never know when your advertisements are going to lose money. This is where reveal steps in. This tool gives you a detail if your ads aren’t making any money. This tool is also a slack bot and needs slack to start with. It is easy to use. You just need to click add to slack, and you’re ready to go. You can use this tool for your daily performance to know better about your business.

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