6 Tips on How to Record Marketing Tutorial Video

Online marketers will find a screen recorder a useful tool for helping them to generate income. With a screen recorder, you can easily update your Youtube channel with new videos on marketing tips. If a customer ask question about your product, you can quickly create a video to answer the customer. It is important that you follow an organized plan if you want to create a successful screencast. The following is 6 tips on how to record a marketing tutorial video on a screen video recorder.


1. Create a Script

The first step is to create an script on the product that you want to discuss. The script must include all the key points you want to cover. By writing the script, you will not stumble around to find words on what to say. When making a narration, make sure that you read it aloud in a natural conversational tone so that it won’t sound like you are reading from a script.


2. Use a HD Monitor for the Screen Recording

If you want your screencast to have high quality, you must make sure your screen is in the highest resolution. You can use a HD monitor to achieve this. If you don’t have a HD monitor, you can borrow one from your friend. This is because the screen resolution of your monitor determines the screencast resolution. Instead of recording a small screen portion, you can choose to record the desktop in full screen. You can always zoom in to edit the video afterward.


3. Clear Up the Desktop

The next step is to clear up your desktop by hiding folders/icons, and the menu bar. If you are going to access a browser, you should clear up the browser including closing unused tabs, clearing up the bookmarks, and removing icons in the browser toolbar. If you find it troublesome to clear up your browser, you can use another browser that you seldom use in the video recording.


4. Don’t Pause When You Make a Mistake in Recording

Once you have setup everything, you can start to record. If you make a mistake, don’t stop the recording and delete the screencast. Instead, just stay silence for a while and restart the section. If you are stuck, you can take a breathe and take your time to think what to say. After all, you can edit the recording afterwards. It will be more frustrating if you have to keep restarting the recording again.


5. Slowing Down Cursor Movement

You may find yourself moving the cursor too fast on the marketing screencast tutorial. One way to turn around this problem is to highlight your cursor. In Movavi Screen Recorder, you can highlight a cursor by clicking on the mouse icon and selecting the Highlight cursor option. Next, you are to click on the square to change the highlight color. The software also let you highlight  a click. To highlight a click, select the highlight clicks option instead. Next, you can click on the left and right squares to customize the left/right mouse click button color.  Another tip is to pause for a few seconds prior to clicking on something in the video tutorial. These pauses can be cut out with the trimming tool in the screencast recorder.


6. Keep Windows in Consistent Position

When recording a screencast, you should try to keep the windows in a consistent position and not close/open it every now and then. If you are using mouse in the marketing video, it is recommended that you remove the mouse from the desktop screen in between actions. If you don’t do this, you may accidentally move your mouse and your audience will be able to see it on the video.




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