Relationships Matter: 5 Methods for Building Trust with Your Customers

blue envelope with thank you message inside

There is nothing more valuable than to have customers who trust you and you company.

If you earn the trust of your customers, you can count on them to remain loyal and not be swayed to another business offering the same product or service. In our ever evolving economy, new competition emerges every day.

Building trust with your customers is the best way to stay ahead of this competition. The following are five ways to earn and hold onto their trust.


Exceptional Service

If your business does not provide exceptional customer service, you will not retain your customers.

Over time, your customers learn to depend on the quality work you perform, or the top notch products you sell.

There is no way around it, exceptional service is essential to developing a loyal customer base.

blue envelope with thank you message inside


Build a Personal Relationship

In addition to your customers depending on the exceptional service you provide, you need to build personal relationships with the people who frequent your business.

Genuinely get to know them by asking questions about them and their family.

The more connected your customers feel to you as a person, the more likely they are to keep shopping with you.


Give Them Something

Offer some sort of free service or product for those who shop with you often.

Rewards programs are very popular these days, and for good reason.

For example, a pet boarding business could offer a free nights stay for every ten nights of paid boarding. There is nothing people enjoy more than getting something for nothing.


Keep in Touch

Keep in touch with your customers as much as possible. You can do this through weekly emails or physical mail.

Direct mail marketing companies offer invaluable services by delivering promotional postcards to the doorsteps of your customers. There are many companies who specialize in a particular industry.

For instance, a local dentist should search through dental practice marketing services, such as the one found at, to find someone to take care of their direct mail marketing needs.


Involve Yourself in the Community

Becoming a visible part of your community is an inexpensive way to earn the trust of your customers.

Get involved in a local charity and host a benefit night at your business. Investing yourself in the community proves to your customers that you are there to stay.


Building trust with your customer base does not happen overnight, but once you have established these relationships, you will see your business prosper by leaps and bounds.

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  1. +1 on that. What most tend to forget is that it takes a lot of time to establish a trust base with your customers and it is a never ending project.

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