Characteristics that Make Buying a Franchise from Cold Stone Creamery a Good Option

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For people who are looking to work for themselves and eventually build financial independence, purchasing a franchise from an established corporation would be a good option.

One corporation that provides individuals with plenty of opportunity to build a successful business is Cold Stone.

There are several characteristics that come with buying a franchise from Cold Stone Creamery, which could make it a better option compared to other franchises.

One characteristic of buying a Cold Stone franchise is that it is more affordable than some other national franchises.

Cold Stone has far less stringent financial requirements for owners of the franchises.

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While some national franchises want an owner to be worth at least a million dollars, those with far less in assets can still qualify to buy the franchise.

More importantly, Cold Stone provides franchise owners with a flexible fee and cost structure, which can help to reduce the upfront costs.

Cold Stone is also well known for being very supportive of owners and in helping them to establish their businesses.

Cold Stone will first help an owner find a site selection for the franchise.

This will include helping to negotiate a lease, helping to develop a build out plan of the space, and even helping to negotiate vendor contracts with local suppliers to reduce costs.

Once a site is selected, the corporate office will also help to establish a marketing plan and start a promotion for the grand opening.

Once a business is up and running, Cold Stone’s corporate office will be able to assist with ongoing training and support.

This will include regular training for employees at all levels to ensure they are aware of current promotions and understand how to properly prepare all products offered.

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  1. Franchise provide you a brand name which is must now a days to do business. You don’t need to do any kind of promotion if you buy franchise of reputated brand.


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