Your Small Business: Five Tips to Get Yourself Noticed

a red man within a crowd of grey people

Even the best company with the most competitive products and prices will not see an increase in sales if people do not know about the business.

If you are looking to increase your company’s visibility, or you just don’t know where to start, use these five tips to get your small business noticed.


1. Give away free products imprinted with your logo

Everyone loves free stuff; they will accept it just because it is free. Once they do, you have successfully placed your logo into their household where they will see it every day.

HALO personal tumblers from and personal water bottles from are well made yet relatively inexpensive options for increasing your brand exposure.

What’s more, they will be used repeatedly due to their functionality, which will multiply your impressions.


2. Host a charity event at your place of business and alert the media about it

Not only will the media give you free advertising but radio stations might even broadcast from your business to draw people in.

This may result in people who are interested in your product stopping by as well as attracting fans of the radio station and people who care about the cause you are supporting as well.

Try to choose a charity that relates to your business ethics or products. Make it personal!

a red man within a crowd of grey people


3. Put your company logo on your work vehicles

People stopped at red lights do not just stare at the light while they are waiting for it to turn; they glance around at nearby cars while they are waiting.

If your work vehicles have your logo on them, people will see them all around town and become familiar with your company name.

This option is much cheaper than paying for a billboard and you will get the same results. You can also take this one step further by wearing shirts and hats that say your business name.

This way, when you are stuck in a line or a waiting room, people around have the opportunity to ask questions or start a conversation about your business.


4. Leave coupons for your business at other local businesses

In this way, when people visit a different business down the street from yours, they will see coupons for your company and probably take one just in case.

Then, the next time they need the service or product you offer, they will remember the coupon they have and consider buying your product.

Even though you will be offering your service for a discount, if the customer has a good experience, they will most likely return the next time they need your product and pay full price.


5. Create a Facebook page and get all your friends, family and clients to “like” it

Social media sites are a great way to get people talking about your business. Liking your page requires no commitment from people, so they have nothing to lose by doing it.

Then, all of their friends and family can see that they have liked your page and your company’s exposure grows.

Updating your page with interesting questions, polls and useful tips keeps people coming back to your page for more.

If you want to attract customers even more, post a daily deal or discount codes that only fans of your page have access to.


After creating a valuable product or service, the first step in growing your sales is making sure people know your company exists.

Any time you can get your company’s name in front of potential clients, you increase your chances at success.

These five tips give you a great place to start.

Most of them don’t require spending a lot of money, so you don’t have anything to lose!

Be confident and wear your company’s name with pride.

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