Disposable Mobile Number: Should You Use It or Not? And Why?

As you browse the Internet, you would probably encounter topics about a temporary phone number for verification, or articles about disposable mobile numbers. And you can’t help yourself but ask, “What is this temporary mobile number is all about?”

A disposable mobile number or temp mobile number is normally used when registering for online offers or downloading an app. You might notice that once you sign up for a particular application or download an e-book, you are usually required to give your mobile number. This is normal and the main purpose of websites in asking for your number is to verify if you are indeed a real human and not just another “robot”.

However, giving your real phone number online is also putting your vital information at risk. There are many instances that scammers can come up with your other sensitive details by just using your phone number. So, you must protect your privacy at all costs and at all times.

Can a disposable mobile number protect me from being hacked?

The answer is yes. But how? Okay, let us identify the ways how a temporary SMS number can protect you. For example, you are planning to download a particular app. And as you try to put your details on the online registration form, there is a portion asking you to give your phone number. As we mentioned earlier, this is used for verification purposes only.

What scammers and hackers usually do to my phone number?

Unknown to you, there are scammers on the Internet who might get your phone number. And here are the possible scenarios you should expect to happen.

  • First, your phone number is enough for hackers to find out where you are. After then, they can impersonate you or call your financial institutions posing as you. They can hijack your phone number, rerouting every incoming message to their mobile device, and worst, they can use your accounts.

  • And since your phone number account is already installed on the hacker’s mobile phone, they can easily use this to trick automated services such as your bank, pretending that they are you.

Once your phone number is at the hand of these unscrupulous individuals, you are now at risk of identity theft aside from your bank accounts and emails being compromised.

  • About emails, it is known to contain sensitive personal information that can give your hackers the hint of your important details.

Remember that in the wrong hands, your cellphone number can be utilized to steal your identity and take over every existing online account that you have. A smart scammer can call your mobile phone carrier and pretend to be you. After the confirmation of some key details, such as your mother’s maiden name and other crucial info, your phone number can be easily transferred to their mobile device. You may not notice this has happened until such time you make a call and then find out that your SIM card is already deactivated.

Spoofing is also another way scammers are using. This is done by calling your family member’s cellphone using your own number. Of course, whoever read on the caller ID will be tricked it is you that is calling. And when someone answers the call, they have a good chance to trick you of whatever strategy they could come up with like persuading you to give your credit card information or bank account numbers.

How can I avoid these things from happening to me?

Good question! First, you should realize that sharing your phone number online is also putting yourself at risk. The second and most effective way is to acquire a temporary phone number for verification. This temporary mobile number will not only reduce the risk, but it will completely eliminate those illegal activities from happening to you.

Where to purchase a throwaway phone number?

Hottelecom is the best place to go. You can visit our website at https://hottelecom.biz/disposable-sms-phone-numbers.html for more information. Not only do we offer disposable mobile numbers, but we have a wide range of cloud-based communication systems such as virtual numbers, VoIP service, PBX, just to name a few.

Why people choose Hottelecom over other competitors?

Hottelecom is considered the one-stop shop when it comes to communication technology. If you have a business and trying to find a way on how you can upgrade your overall communication system, Hottelecom can definitely help you with that. Other significant reasons why many people and business owners adopt Hottelecom service are the following:

  • Total privacy – once you purchase a temporary number from Hottelecom, your personal information is 100% safe and secure. There is no way that scammers and hackers can penetrate your sensitive details. After registering online using our temp mobile number, upon reaching a specific time or date, the service of the disposable SMS number will be immediately deactivated. What’s good is that you can terminate the service as soon as your registration is confirmed and verified.

  • Full customer support – unlike other companies, Hottelecom provides 100% customer service to its clients. You can count on us even after using our cloud-based service. Just give us a call and our dedicated customer support team will answer all your queries and concerns without any amount of hesitation.

  • We accept payment online through more than 100 channels – choose the service that you want and choose the payment system that suits you best. With over 100 methods of payment, you can be sure of the total comfort of doing a transaction with us. And to make you feel more comfortable, we also offer cryptocurrency payment for your total comfort.

  • Connect with more than 100 countries across the globe – planning to run a marketing or advertising campaign? Then choose Hottelecom. With us, you can possibly connect to more than 100 countries and enhance your business presence to your target countries outside your border.

Final thought

Don’t put your privacy at risk. Partner with the most trusted cloud-based service provider in the market today. Just reach us and our Tech Specialists will assist you immediately.

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