The Many Benefits of Dual Stretch Denim Material

Denim is traditionally made with 100% cotton, but 2% stretch fabric like polyester or lycra can be mixed into the fabric to make it more flexible. This type of fabric is called stretch denim and has become increasingly popular over the years.


Durable Stretch

Originally used by laborers in the 18th Century, denim was first designed to withstand hard work and heavy-duty wear. However, as trends and lifestyles adapted, the denim industry began to change. With the introduction of stretch jeans, a new trend was born to transform how we dress and live. Adding a synthetic fiber called elastane or spandex has made the denim material more comfortable and flexible. The fabric is also breathable and wicks away sweat from your skin to help regulate your body temperature. But the problem is that elastane and spandex are susceptible to damage from frequent washing and wear compared to regular denim. This is why some quality brands use bacterial inhibition treatments to help prevent the denim from wearing out too quickly. This is achieved by a specially engineered technique in the weaving process. In particular, the yarn is woven with a twill-style weave. This weave creates a subtly ribbed texture that adds to the appearance of the finished denim.


Comfortable Stretch

Having comfortable jeans that fit well is one of the biggest reasons to choose stretch denim over non-stretch denim. Feeling comfortable can greatly impact mood, productivity, and motivation. Unlike 100% cotton jeans, which are rigid and can become stiff after washing, stretch denim is designed to be flexible and soft. This is a major benefit because it allows you to move easily and freely without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. This is a great option for people with an active lifestyle and those who spend a lot of time traveling. Because stretch denim doesn’t take long to break in, you can be confident that it will fit like a glove the first time you wear them! In addition to being durable, stretch denim offers several other benefits. Most of these benefits come from adding elastane (spandex) to the fabric.

The amount of elastane your jeans have will determine how much stretch they offer and how body-hugging they are. Typically, most leading denim brands add from 1 to 3 percent elastane to their fabrics for extra stretch.

These extra amounts of elastane help keep the jeans shape, making them more forgiving if you have a large hip or thigh size. It also helps to make the jeans fit tighter around the hips, bum, and legs, which can be a big plus for many women and men who want to look sexier. Another advantage to wearing stretch jeans is that they’ll allow you to adjust them as your body changes throughout the day. This is important for women with a larger waist or a smaller belly, for example. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans that will keep you comfortable all day, look no further than our collection of dual-stretch denim. We’ve got a huge variety of styles that offer plenty of movement and flexibility, so you can be confident in your choice.


Shape Retention

Dual-stretch denim fabrics have a high degree of dimensional stability. This makes them perfect for retaining their shape and fit over time. It also means they are easy to clean, wear and wash.  The shape retention benefits of dual-stretch denim are especially evident because they allow a lot of body movement without being baggy or sagging. This is because they stretch in 4 different directions and then recover very well, which gives you a very comfortable fit. Another important benefit of dual-stretch denim is that they are more breathable than other styles of denim fabric. This is because their elastane has a lower tendency to expand or contract than other denim fibers. This enables the denim to remain cool and comfortable for longer periods of time. This especially benefits those who enjoy sweaty activities, such as soccer or basketball. It also helps prevent them from overheating, making them uncomfortable.


Easy Care

If you’ve ever shopped for jeans, you know how important it is to find a pair that fits perfectly. The right fit can make a huge difference in how you feel and function throughout the day, from morning to night.

One of the biggest benefits of stretch denim is that they form to your body right away, so you won’t need to “break them in” like a traditional pair of jeans. This is particularly useful if you have an active lifestyle. For example, if you’re a biker or hiker, you won’t have to change your pants as often, saving valuable luggage space.

Another benefit of stretch denim is that they’re incredibly easy to care for. They’re also an excellent option for those who live an active lifestyle and want to ensure that their clothing is as comfortable as possible, so they can keep going all day. Some brands offer additional technologies that make their jeans extra-durable and easy to clean. These include anti-bacterial treatments, which prevent stains from setting in and releasing moisture to keep your jeans fresh, or cool technology, which releases heat and moisture from within the jeans to keep them cool.

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