How to Earn Money Through Freelance Writing

Many people find that they enjoy writing. Be it through personal emails or short stories. They may even enjoy blogging. A lot of these same people never consider the fact that they can turn their words into money.

Freelancing is a great way to get a little extra income. It can scratch that writing itch and also pay a few bills along the way.

If you are writing for the web, then knowing how it works can be beneficial. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term that comes up when freelance writing. It calls for good quality content that causes search engines like Google to rank it higher in results.


First things first

Where you do begin? Well, there are lots of websites that offer freelance work. These include Elance and Copify.

Once registered, you may have to submit an example of writing on which you will be evaluated.

Once this has been approved, the world is your oyster. You can browse for freelance work which suits you and your areas of expertise.


Getting paid

Some freelance sites will require you to submit a proposal for the job. You might find that other more experienced writers are getting all the jobs. Persevere. Eventually, you’ll find a job.

Other sites operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you are able to accept the job first, then it’s important that you follow the guidelines set.

Failing to complete the job on time, or not reading the brief properly could mean that you won’t be accepted for future jobs.

Once you’ve finished the writing task, you can then get paid. Often, a freelance site will pay you per word, although many will set a specific amount per article.

When the client approves the work, you’ll find they have sent funds to your allocated account. To begin, you might think that the amounts are quite small, but as you progress over time, you’ll find that it gradually builds up.

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The good thing about freelancing is that if you consistently deliver, then others will be happy to refer you to other jobs.

You can quite easily find yourself having multiple writing tasks once you establish yourself and have a sound body of work that others can evaluate.


 The bottom line

Freelancing isn’t something you can just jump right into and expect instant money.

It takes time and effort.

If you’re prepared for this, then you can definitely earn a little money through what you originally thought was only a hobby.

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