Few Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment

In these days of an unstable economy, finding yourself fired from a job one day is a real possibility. But there is one all pervasive resource that you can always fall back upon. We’re talking about the internet.

This is one place where there are multiple streams of income available. In uncertain times it is the sail that can steer you to economic stability.

Online technology is rapidly evolving and developing. Because the internet is so much within the grasp of the layman, it is a place where money can be made by everyone.

Anyone can make money on the internet and in a number of ways. Let’s examine some of the ways there are to make money online.


EBay Stores

Making money while selling products online is a real possibility via EBay. You may have a lot of things in your home that you have no use for. Some of these may be collector’s items like stamps and coins.

Selling them on EBay is a good way to encash on these unused things. You can get rid of them while earning some money off them.



Twitter is a great place to make money online. You can charge for communicating advertising messages via this channel.

Sponsors are more than willing to pay for this. You can choose a price to charge per advertising message communicated to followers.


T-Shirt Creation

Making T-Shirts has been a profitable way to earn online for a while. The only thing you need to do this is talent.

If you are versed in making T-Shirt designs you should begin utilizing the resources to make your T-Shirts available online.

You can make the T-Shirts available for purchase through CafePress.com and earn a nice bit of money for those talented designs.

A beautiful above banknotes girl sniffing money

EBook Creation

Writing books is an art that is enjoyable and profitable. If you are talented with words you can write books and make them available on websites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Clickbank.

Books that are well written and popular have been known to make authors into millionaire celebrities. Case in point are the Twilight Saga and Game of Thrones as well as The Shiva Trilogy.


Photo Sales

Selling photos is fast emerging as a popular way to make money online. If you are talented and own a camera then you need nothing else.

This is all you need to make money online. Click photos, embellish them with creativity and then make them available on sites like IStockPhoto and PhotoExpert. This is a great way to begin earning money online.


Creating Graphic Designs

Modern technology has brought with it software that makes making graphic designs easy and powerful. Making graphic designs is a skill that is heavily in demand.

If you can make graphic designs and are good with graphic design software, then you can find clients who are in need of your skills through various websites like Guru.com, Elance.com and Freelancer.com.

It is a satisfying way of earning money.



Blogging is one of the oldest and most popular ways of making money from your home. If you are good at writing then you can make use of this opportunity to make money.

You can make blogs that earn you good money through various monetization tactics. If you are just a beginner, search the internet for ways to make money blogging.

Once you have steady traffic you can monetize the blog with ads of ad networks like Adwords or by product advertising for Amazon products and other products.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, if it is creative, you can find space on the internet for it.

Monetize your mind and the ideas that flow through it through one of the listed strategies or if you have something unique, the internet has place for you.

3 thoughts on “Few Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment

  1. Hell Ashley
    Ya these are some ways for making online money without any investment.I choose Blogging among these for making some online money.Blogging is very interesting and creative way for making money. Among all these except blogging I never tried any other.But possibly I choose in future.

  2. Nice ways of earning some money online! My favorite so far is blogging, though i am sure there are lots of other good ways beside it.

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