How to Earn Traffic with Reddit

Reddit is a social network, a community where users can browse between all the contents and have the option to submit links of the web or submit “self” posts that contain original user-submitted text.

How Reddit Works

The registered users may then vote the posted links “up” or “down” and the most popular links can reach the “Front Page“.

In addition, users can leave comments on the posted links and reply to other commentators consequently forming a vibrant community.

Think about Reddit as in the middle between Digg and StumbleUpon : it is not randomized like StumbleUpon, but it is not so influenced by the power of the users like Digg.

Reddit invites you to be active in the community, publishing high quality content that fits within the guidelines.

You can check the detailed guide to what Reddit recommend you to do and not to do here : Reddiquette.

Reddit is also unique, because as user, you can simply create your own topical section, for which to submit your links and comments.

Reddit offers additional sections called “SubReddits” that serve the same function as categories.

These communities are divided into several different topics, like “Pics” (pictures), “Cats”, “Politics”, “World News”, “Gaming”, “funny” and a lot more.

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How to Behave in Reddit

Reddit is a very smart community. 

You can check it reading the comments in the different posts and you will notice a very high level of intelligence. Certainly very different from what you can find in social networks like “MySpace” or “YouTube”, for example.

As Digg or StumbleUpon, you need to be careful about self-promotion :  if you submit your content too often, Reddit will ban your submission or even your account.

First of all you have to sign up to Reddit, then start to be a part of the community, leave comments, submit useful links, ask questions and after a good time in which you are involved, you can think about insert your own links.

The perfect way should be that your friends or other users submit your sites.

Reddit employs a “karma” reward system based on moderation for members that submit and comment on stories.

You will earn “karma” points commenting, submitting posts and being a part of Reddit.

In particular users gains one point of link karma when another user votes up their submission and loses a point when a user votes down their submission.

Individual comments may also be voted up or down by other users and result in a user’s comment karma.

Users stop losing karma after their submission reaches zero.

If you have traffic to your blog, you can start monetizing it.

So have fun with Reddit !

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