Top Benefits Of Equity Release

Regardless of whether they are big or small, we all have financial goals we want to reach. You might want to pay off your outstanding mortgage, increase your income or save up to go travelling.

Unfortunately many people struggle to reach these goals for one reason or another. If you are a homeowner whose aged 55 and above, equity release could make these dreams a reality.

Equity release schemes provide you with the opportunity to take money from the value of your home. Meaning you can reach these financial goals with ease. If you’re unsure whether it’s the right option for your, take a look at the benefits it can provide.




You can stay in your own home

One of the best benefits of equity release is that you can remain in your own home for as long as you like. This is something that many people don’t realise. Many people think they might lose the right to live in their homes, which puts them off applying for equity release.

Just because you have released some of your properties value, doesn’t mean that you no longer have ownership.  So whatever you decide to spend your money on, you have peace of mind that you can continue living in your home for the rest of your life. If you’re interested to discover how much money you can gain, visit You might be surprised at how much you are eligible to receive.


You can spend it on whatever you like

Another excellent benefit of equity release is that it gives you complete freedom. This is also something that many people aren’t aware of, and lack of knowledge stops them from applying. Homeowners have used their equity release to improve their homes as they get older and pay off loans.

Many use it to help their children buy their first home or as an extra income that can help to fund their retirement. Family holidays, university repayments and new cars are also popular options. With endless possibilities, you’re spoilt for choice on what you can spend your money on. Think about the potential financial goals you might like to achieve, with the money you could gain from these schemes.


It can make your retirement more comfortable

It’s important for us all to consider how we want out retirement to be. Nobody wants to be dealing with debts and an unsuitable home when they reach retirement age. Taking advantage of equity release now could help you create a more comfortable retirement for yourself.

You can pay off your mortgage or credit card debts. Or you might want to make your home more suitable to live in by adding ramps or a bigger kitchen. This will benefit you greatly in the long run and make your retirement stress-free. To start planning your retirement today, see for more information.


With benefits like these, it’s hard not to find equity release appealing. To see if you’re a suitable candidate get in touch with an equity release scheme provider today.


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