The Different Kinds of Financial Transaction You Should Understand

When you’re running a business, there are many forms of transactions that you’ll need to understand. Knowing about how the different kinds of transactions work will allow you to organise your finances in a better way. Here are the key forms of transaction you’ll need to know about.


Online Retail Transactions

Online sales are important for many businesses these days. The rise in online sales has completely changed the business landscape. And it’s important that business who sell products and services online are able to receive payments in a safe and secure manner. SSL certificates help to secure the network when the customer pays for items on the internet.

Services like Paypal also help to make online commercial transactions swifter and safer than in the past. For any business that sells online, getting these kinds of transactions right is key.


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Card Not Present Transactions

Internet transactions are a form of card not present transaction. But they’re not the only kind. There are other types of card not present transactions that need to be handled as well. For example, transactions sometimes have to be carried out over the phone, via fax or mail order.

These transactions can be vulnerable to fraud and other issues, so they have to be handled carefully. High risk merchant accounts can be used to make transactions smoother for risky businesses. Certain sectors are considered risky, and having the right merchant account is vital.



Every business has a workforce that needs to be paid. Unless the business is a one-man band, it will have to take care of payroll transactions. The safest method to use for this kind of transaction is direct debit.

For conventional employees, income taxes will be taken from the pay packet before the money is transferred to the employee. These days, payrolls tend to be automated and scheduled if each employee has a regular income. Then things like overtime can be added to the system when necessary.



Credit is often used in the business world. For short-term needs and fixes, credit can be very useful. Right now, credit is still cheap, so it’s a very attractive proposition for business owners. Credit is paid into your account, and you will have to pay it back later.

The interest rates tend to be low, and the terms are short. This means that you have to have a plan for paying back the money loaned to you if you run a business and use credit.



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Banking Transactions

Transferring funds from one account to another is a huge part of running a business. Many businesses have various accounts, and switching money between them is often necessary. These days, bank transactions are very swift and easy to carry out.

Thanks to online banking, all of these transactions can be carried out at the press of a key or the touch of a screen. When you see ‘ACH’ on your bank statement, this shows that the transaction was carried out online by you or whoever sent you money.

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  1. Indeed, the right merchant account is vital because without high risk merchant account our hard earned money always in risk. Your post is really informative thanks for sharing.

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