Gold Independence Day 2019: Coins become gold!

You can’t decide between crypto currencies and an investment in gold? Now you don’t have to, informs Harald Seiz.

The Karatgold Coin (KBC) was the first coin to be developed that is linked to a physical asset. The Karatgold Coin (KBC) combines the advantages of a crypto currency with the security of gold, making this product interesting for a wide range of investors.

On 04.07.2019 we will host the Gold Independence Day 2019, the first time Karatgold Coins (KBC) holders have the chance to exchange their tokens for gold. For every 100 coins you will receive 1 gram of real gold with 24 carats”.

Gold Independence Day 2019 “We don’t promise, we trade”.

Harald Seiz plans with the Gold Independence Day 2019 a very special and worldwide unique event. Already through the combination of crypto currency with real gold as a physical asset in the background, Harald Seiz has set on an innovation with a trend-setting orientation. The event also shows that Harald Seiz is rethinking and has an unprecedented concept. As a pioneer of gold-based crypto currencies, he is currently looking at Australia, for example, where a similar coin is being used to create a new currency.

Karatgold Coin (KBC) owners can already enter the 4th of July next year as a fixed date in the calendar. After all, the Gold Independence Day 2019 is the first day on which owners can exchange their coins for gold and convince themselves of the promise of the founder and developer Harald Seiz.

“We keep our promises and now for the first time make it possible to exchange coins for physical gold. Let us surprise you with a sensational price! We have said it – we do it!

With these words Harald Seiz addresses the Gold Independence Day 2019 and refers to the conversion rate, where there is 1 gram of gold with 24 carats for 100 coins. That Harald Seiz is not a man of flowery speeches, but a man of deeds, has been shown more often in the past.

The top exchange rate at Gold Independence Day 2019 is therefore just another announcement, which he will keep like all previous promises. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin have been criticized by security-conscious investors due to various hacker attacks. This cannot happen with Karatgold Coin (KBC), as each coin is secured by physical gold. A further advantage of the combination of digital finances and gold is the fact that speculators are distanced and do not like this crypto currency. Gold Independence Day 2019 heralds a new era in the financial market and is an event that no KBC investor should miss.

Profit already at Gold Independence Day 2019!

With the sensational exchange offer for Gold Independence Day 2019, new investors can test how trustworthy KBC is and what advantages they achieve. “Surely Gold Independence Day 2019 will be followed by further events”, says Harald Seiz and has already some surprises in store.

At the Gold Independence Day 2019 the first exchange takes place. “The KBC can subsequently be exchanged for gold at any time,” adds Harald Seiz. “And of course in other crypto currencies and money currencies of the world.”

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