How Graduates Can Build a Successful Writing Career Online

The graduate market for jobs isn’t great at the moment. The global financial crisis means fewer businesses are hiring new blood.

Unfortunately, for graduates leaving university it’s a perilous time. Becoming a freelance writer is one option as companies are outsourcing their work more than ever.

But getting started and building on initial success is difficult without the right knowledge of the industry.

Outreach Program

The freelance and writing community is a well of knowledge. Learn from those with more knowledge and get the edge on getting started.

They can reveal how to find jobs, how to build on success, and even where they know of someone who has work.

Connect with fellow writers on social media and it can soon lead to new clients.

Guest Blogging

The problem most people find when they enter the writing industry is getting noticed.

With writers from all over the world vying for the attentions of companies which have writing work to offer, any competitive advantage is vital.

Being able to show some work samples displayed on a prominent website is an extremely good way to highlight vital skills to a prospective employer.

Academic Research and Writing

Academic research and freelance writing are two things any graduate is more than equipped for. It tends to pay quite well for the amount of effort required and the work is regular.

With the rise of the essay writing company, graduate writers can always find somewhere to ply their academic skills.

In terms of building a career, it’s useful as something to fall back on.

Academic writers taking regular work from companies have the security to reach out for their own private clients without sacrificing any of their income.

Freelance Journalism

Journalism is a lucrative field. It isn’t always the most exciting role in the world, but it’s something which requires a degree, more often than not.

The best part about freelance journalism is it allows writers to do other things in their spare time. Many freelance SEO writers double as journalists when the work arises, and vice versa.

And this helps with raising their profile in the writing industry as journalism is a high visibility field.

Happy Young Woman Working In Office

Focus and Targeted Knowledge

Building a successful writing career is about giving customers what nobody else can. Specialist knowledge is the way to stand out from competitors, and graduates have the unique knowledge found only through universities.

Proudly display these academic qualifications and demonstrate well-researched knowledge in detail to stand out.   Many academic research companies offer an abundance of subject specific writing opportunities such as business degree writing jobs.

Popular subjects may include law, business, MBA & management, finance, health, english and education.

Broaden Your Knowledge

Graduates already know about learning new knowledge and finding out about new things. In the beginning, someone who leaves university has a sharpened arsenal of knowledge at their disposal.

But continue to broaden this knowledge by looking into writing courses. And in addition to writing courses, it’s always worth learning about HTML and CSS as writers sometimes have to bring these skills into their work.


Being a successful writer is about communication. Clients want their writers to communicate a specific message. A successful writer must communicate this message.

Nowhere is it more important than through a writing website. Any graduate must look into having a website which creates the view of them being the right person for the job.

If their website can’t even do this, what chance have they got of succeeding elsewhere?

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2 thoughts on “How Graduates Can Build a Successful Writing Career Online

  1. Great ways to build and develop the writing career. Am a blogger, a graduate, will check out these ways to improve my writing skill. Thanks for sharing the nice information!

    1. A freelance carrer is not easy at all,
      but it is still possible to succeed.

      You need passion, perseverance, and hard work, above all at beginning of this career.

      Thanks for the comment, Nirmala! 🙂

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