10 Smart Ways To Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

Starting with everyday good practices and sustainable choices, you can make your contribution to create a workplace more environmentally friendly.

Every choice can be an important step, from eco-sustainable business cards to the decision to give up the car and go to work by bike or public transport, whenever it’s possible.

Here are some useful tips to make the office more eco-friendly, respect the environment and work better.


1. Recycled Paper

Depending on the type of work performed in the office, printing paper documents can still be very important and inevitable, despite the spread of digital.

For this reason, the suggestion is to print on recycled paper and to re-use, when possible, the paper already printed on just one side.


2. Smart Coffee Break

It’s hard to live or work without coffee. But there are many things you can do to create an environmentally-friendly coffee break.

For example, getting a reusable mug. Or, in alternative, using paper cups, adding the names of each employee on custom sleeves. Learn today where to find or how to purchase these kind of items.


3. Energy Saving

The office in which we work can differ from all the others in terms of energy savings, especially in terms of lighting and conscientious use of electronic equipment.

Turning off lights and devices when not in use would be a simple, but big step forward.


4. Green Lunch Break

The lunch break in the office becomes green if we commit ourselves to reducing waste.

For example, we can decide to bring lunch from home by choosing reusable containers, cutlery and napkins to say goodbye to the accumulation of waste.

Or, you can go green by eating ginseng, blueberry, goji berry, or any other healthy food available at https://www.botanicuniverse.com/collections/whole-herbs-spices


5. Ecological Business Cards

Business cards are always present on office desks. So, how can we make it greener?

The best idea is to choose business cards printed on recycled paper.


6. Plants in the Office

Growing plants in the office is an excellent idea to purify the air in a natural way. In fact, some plants perform this task to the fullest.

For the office, choose plants such as lemon balm, philodendron and peace lily. Plants in the office improve air quality and health, reducing stress and helping work better.


7. Creative Recycling

Creative recycling also comes into play in the office.

Did you know, for example, that document clips can be reused in a thousand ways to solve small everyday problems? Or that the old negative holders can become card-holders and containers for business cards?


8. Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and advertising of the company can become green with some interesting details.

Think, for example, of a website with a server that uses renewable sources, advertising material in recycled paper and maybe even vegan adhesives that are free of unwanted and animal-friendly substances.


9. Sustainable Mobility

Those who have the possibility can renounce the car to reach the office and choose to go on foot (if it is nearby), by public transport or by bicycle.

The same employers could facilitate those who move in an alternative way to reach the office, perhaps with bonuses to purchase the season ticket for public transport.


10. Work From Home

Those who have the opportunity can ask the employer to alternate work in the office with a few days of work from home.

If we manage it well, teleworking helps us to save the environment, with particular attention to energy saving and the reduction of car journeys to reach the office.

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