Top Tips on Improving Your Home – Cheaply!

Given the more than uncertain housing market in the UK these days, many people in Essex – as in the country as a whole – are looking to improve the home in which they already live rather then move house.

Some home improvements – such as extensions and loft conversions, for example – may be relatively costly, but at least are likely to add value to your home.

If the value of your residence does go up, you may want to review the cover you have in place and update your home insurance on a Southend property.

But there are some tips on improving your home which might let you make significant changes without spending very much at all – indeed, some of them might not cost you a penny!



It might sound odd or even obvious, but you may be able to completely change the way a room looks by something as simple as rearranging the furniture.

It might take a little sweat and energy, but otherwise not cost anything at all.



Once the furniture is rearranged or just how you want it, you might want to add a refreshing splash of colour by the simple expedient of putting some flowers in a vase.

Fresh, colourful flowers may completely change the atmosphere of a room, especially during the winter months, yet you do not have to spend a fortune buying the most exotic blooms – flowers bought from your local supermarket may still leave you change from a £10 note.

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Continuing the theme of simple appearances, you might want to try rearranging the books in your bookcase.

Over time, volumes removed and replaced might give the visual display an untidy look – just by rearranging them you might create a far more visually pleasing piece of furniture.


Cushion Covers

Soft furnishings may also be ripe for a simple and cost-effective make-over.

It does not take a lot of material at all to make new covers for your cushions – you might even have some off-cuts already in your sewing cabinet.

Once again, the visual effect of bright new cushion covers may create an effect far and above any cost of the materials.

To really pull the look of a room together, choose a colour and make or buy matching cushion covers, throws and vases etc in the same hue.


Framed fabric

Whilst rummaging through your sewing basket, you might also come across odds and ends of fabric with a particularly attractive design. These may be put into a simple wooden frame and hung on the wall, just as a piece of art – but at considerably less cost.



Home improvement might often lie in the kind of detail that it is easy to overlook. Something as simple as a light switch, for example, may be made into a minor feature just by surrounding the plate with colourful and attractive paper.


Let There Be Light

Light bulbs have a life span and when they fail, illumination in the room is not only reduced, but the burnt out bulbs may give the general impression of a lack of care or concern about your surroundings.

It is another detail which might easily be overlooked, but which is going to take only a minute or two to rectify.

None of these tips involve anything like the expenditure new building works are likely to cost.

Nevertheless, just a little attention to the details decorating your home may make the world of difference – and give the impression that you have created a whole new room, or rooms.


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  1. I totally agree, furniture is the most important thing in room decorating. it can change the way the room looks. Anyway, thanks for awesome tips.

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