How To Become A Millionaire

Most of us have at one time or another thought about what it would be like to be rich. But have you ever wondered why it is that some people get rich?

Have you ever wondered what character traits allow people to generate that kind of value?

It’s not enough just to strike out and start your own enterprise. You have, to have the right habits and the right friends.

The following is a roundup of all good habits you need if you want to become a millionaire.


Take A Chance

People who get rich are generally risk takers. Just look at the example set by Dan Bilzerian, who made a fortune through his knowledge of casino games, like those at Maria Casino. Here is a man who made millions of dollars, simply by placing his bets. Just last week he won another $600k through a bet that involved cycling from his home in LA to Las Vegas, you can try your luck online buy playing free vegas slots.

But not everybody is like Bilzerian. Many people are cripplingly risk averse. They hate the idea of taking a chance and trying to do something daring or innovative. And they’d rather stick with the mundane and the routine because that’s what makes them feel safe. This might be a good strategy if you want a safe and stable life. But it’s a terrible idea if you want to get wealthy.


Buy Only The Stuff You Can Afford

They say that it takes money to make money, and they’re right. Whether you’re starting a business or investing money elsewhere, you need some capital. But money problems can really set you back psychologically.

You spend all of your energy worrying about your finances that you don’t think about taking risks. Stick to your budget and direct your energies towards the things that are important to you.


Make Your Money Work For You

The wealthy rarely do the sorts of things we might call work. Instead, they take their great wealth and spend it on things that will make them more money in the future. Perhaps they spot a new startup that looks quite promising. Or maybe the see a chance to short the stock market.

Whatever it is, their job is to work out where capital is needed to make a return. That’s why legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Jim Rogers spend hours every day reading the news. Information is what is valuable to the modern money-maker.


Hang Out With Rich People

The best way to learn how to do something is to spend time with people that have already done it. And nowhere does this apply more clearly than in the realm of making money.

The people who have been there and done it are the people in the know. And if you want to emulate them, you need to spend some time finding out how they did it.


Often you’ll find that it’s not the money that drives the wealthy. Instead, it’s their passion and a desire to change the world in some way. More often than not the money is just a byproduct.

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