How To Become a Printmaker

Printmakers are artists who create intricate designs that they carve into metal plates or wood blocks that hold ink. They use these molds to convey the design onto paper or fabric. These are the necessary steps to take if you want a career as a printmaker.


Take Art Classes

Printmakers need to draw and complete various courses in color theory, art history and design. Traditional colleges and universities offer these courses. You can also study at specialty printmaking studios that provide intensive training. For example, a professional printmaker Watertown MA can train others through mentorship programs. In Connecticut, one program offers pre-college fellowships for highschool students who show drawing aptitude and appreciation for art.


Apprentice With a Master

Working directly under a senior printmaker is the best way to gain practical experience. This on-the-job training will enable you to advance your skills and earn a salary while doing what you love.


Create a Portfolio

Whether you are a freelancer or employee of a company, a portfolio is essential for showing prospective clients the style and quality of your work. You should begin creating your portfolio even if you are at the very beginning of your career. As you get higher-level jobs, you can revise your offerings, but you will need to begin somewhere.


Market Yourself

Although you may be searching for clients, clients may be searching for you. By displaying your work on social media, you may attract people who are looking for your specific style of work or others who are unexpectedly inspired to explore what you can do for them.


Create a Website

When you have a decent collection of work to your credit, you must create a website. To be taken seriously as a printmaker, clients will need a place where they can learn about your services, your rates and your process.

Like any skill, printmaking requires a certain amount of education and practice. Once you learn the art of printmaking, you must learn how to run your business if you want to succeed.


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