Simple, But Effective Tips for Making a Green Office

Making your office green not only allows you to live in an environment in the spirit of ecology and respect for the reality that surrounds us, but also to work in a pleasant and beneficial environment. This is even more true for the professionals who open their office or studio to clients: in this case, it is a real business card to show to other people.

Whether it’s the windows, the printer, the parquet or any other furnishing accessory, there are so many interventions that can be put into practice in a green perspective.

For example, furniture could only be made from recycled materials: from cardboard bookcases to recycled paper for booklets and printed sheets, as well as for business cards, being ecological is also a way to improve one’s reputation. activities.

But even electronic instruments can be environmentally friendly. The advice is to focus on open source software and on green pc. Sustainable hardware is not a utopia but a concrete reality, which also makes it possible to optimize spaces.

We must not forget, then, that “green” means “green”: the office can be furnished with ornamental plants or even enhanced with a vertical garden. You can buy the best medical grade flower online or consider to grow the plant yourself with the air pruning pot system.

Taking an ecological attitude in the workplace means getting used to knowing the importance and value of resources and behaving accordingly, using them consciously.

Even the smallest details have to be taken care of. For example, printed sheets can be used both front and back, if they do not concern important documents. It’s the details that make the difference: consider that 100 kilos of recycled office paper corresponds to an oil saving of 150 liters.

How to neglect energy saving? All the habits that you have at home should be transferred to the office: avoid leaving the light on in the bathroom, giving up the plastic cups for coffee, installing mirrors and painting the walls with light colors to increase the brightness, and so on.

Devices that are not used should be turned off, or at least left on standby. Also in the workplace, moreover, it is good to take care of the separate collection and manage the garbage in a prudent way: the management of aluminum cans and glass bottles is simple if you put containers in the office to welcome them.

Don’t forget about good air. Smoking should not be allowed in a green office and as alternative the employees can opt for the best portable vapes.

In a green office, in short, everything you can and pay attention to the production of waste is recycled: why buy new bottles of water when you can always fill the same? It is a trivial example, but it allows us to understand why big changes pass from small actions.

You can organize with colleagues to share the car: if four people drive with four cars to the same workplace, a considerable waste of fuel materializes. Not to mention the parking spaces that are missing!

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