How To Improve Your Product Packaging

Every brand needs to refresh its look eventually. Here are a few ways you can improve your product packaging.


Re-Design Your Product

Evaluate your current package design. Your packaging should reflect your brand and cater to your audience’s tastes. You can work with a professional graphic design artist to help you redevelop your image so it better captures your brand. Keep the look consistent across your line of products so they appear cohesive and go together. This will also help your products stand out from the competition. Develop a better relationship with your customers by including some information about your brand in addition to the standard product details. Imagine yourself as a new customer using your product for the first time. Notate your first impressions. If you experience any difficulty using the product, consider how you can improve the design. The consistency of the product itself may determine how it is best applied. Lotions may work best in pumps or large tubs while perfumes and sanitizers need sprayers for bottles.


Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Be mindful of how your company and product packaging may impact the environment. Try to create sustainable solutions for your products to be properly disposed of after use. Use recycled materials or compostable packaging so your customers don’t have to throw products away in landfills. Recycled materials also eliminate the need to collect raw materials and help conserve natural resources. Cellulose packaging is great for foods as an alternative to plastic. It is transparent and flexible like plastic but is made from hemp, wood, or cotton so the material is biodegradable and compostable.  If your products are shipped in boxes, try using corrugated packaging as a more sustainable alternative to cardboard.

Every so often you need to improve your product packaging to better market and promote your business.

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