The Importance of Keeping Your Staff Happy

If you own a business, it’s essential you realise that your staff are your most important asset.

So many people think that the most important thing is the customers, but in reality, it’s the staff!

Your staff regularly come into contact with your customers.

If your staff are happy and willing to go the extra mile for customers, your customers will have a much better experience with you. It’s a no brainer!

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of keeping your staff happy.


Your Staff Will Become Brand Ambassadors

When your staff love the business they work for, they’ll become brand ambassadors.

If they know anybody who needs the services you offer, they’re likely to point them in that direction.

If they are seriously unhappy with the work environment and the way you do things, chances are they’ll put people they know off using you.

You want all of your staff to be free walking advertisements for you!


They’ll Work as Hard as They Can for You

Happy staff work so much harder than unhappy staff. They’ll actually want to go the extra mile for you!

The happiest staff members won’t even want to have a day off and will be more unlikely to take sick days.

There will be times they can’t avoid time off, but services like Health Assured absence management solutions can help with that.


They’ll Stay Motivated and Productive

Having motivated staff is a must, and when they’re motivated they’re more productive.

Productivity is sometimes a subconscious thing.

Happy staff will put out a higher quality of work in general than staff who are unhappy.

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You’ll Have a Better Office Atmosphere

The atmosphere in the office will directly impact how people work too.

If everybody is happy and productive, the office atmosphere will be so much better.

People will work together in harmony. The worst thing you can do is expect your employees to be dead silent, working like trojans.

Allow them to chat a little and share ideas.


They’ll Make Customers Happy by Default

When your staff are happy, you’ll make your customers happy by default.

Most of them anyway! Happiness really does rub off on others, and they’ll go the extra mile for your customers.

A customer wants an overall good experience with you, and this is what will make or break it.


They’ll Stay With You Longer

It can cost a lot of money to keep training staff up to the ever increasing standards of an industry.

You want to be the best, so you need to train them like the best.

However, there’s nothing much stopping them from leaving you and taking those skills elsewhere.

If you keep your staff happy, they’ll stay with you longer. Maybe even for life!


Keeping your staff happy is the most important thing about running a business.

Make sure you’re doing everything you can for them and letting them know that you value them.

Be a good boss and they’ll more than pay for themselves.

Good luck!

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