The Best Advice for Opening a Restaurant

If you have dreams for opening a restaurant, you can never have too much advice.

The majority of restaurants that open these days end up shutting within a few years.

It’s a sad fact, but it’s reality.

If you want to open a successful restaurant that goes from strength to strength, this advice should help you.


Choose Your Area Carefully

You need to pick the area you open your restaurant very carefully.

You should never open a restaurant with the intention of it becoming a ‘destination’ restaurant.

People are unlikely to travel to it. It needs to be accessible, and there needs to be a space for your kind of restaurant in that area.

You’ll need to do extensive research to find the right area!


Research Trends in the Area

You’ll want to research food trends in the area so you know what people like to eat.

Market research is crucial to your success!

If a large percentage of the population are vegetarians, for instance, you’re going to want to offer vegetarian dishes.

Make sure you cater for the area you’re in.


Carefully Consider Your Concept

You need a great concept to get started – Gordon Ramsay said so himself!

What kind of food will you focus on?

What’s your price range?

Who are you aiming to serve?

Create a plan and involve every relevant detail. This becomes your concept!




Find the Most Amazing Chef

You need the most amazing chef you can muster to get started. They need to be a natural leader, and somebody who can motivate their staff.

They should also be a great communicator, and of course very handy in the kitchen.

Without a fantastic chef, your restaurant won’t take off.


Overestimate the Money You Need

Everybody needs capital to start a business, but when it comes to restaurants, you need to overestimate the money you need.

Overestimating is so much better than underestimating, and you can have some cash in reserve for when you need it.

Whether you’re buying kitchen equipment like Maxx Ice ice machines and fryers, or front of house items like wholesale napkins and tables/chairs, money is important


Don’t Be Afraid to Treat Your Guests

Treating your guests will impress them and keep them coming back for more. Don’t be stingy!

Hand out gift cards, and send over free snacks/dishes while they wait for their food.

They’ll love feeling like they’re important to you and trying new dishes.

It isn’t just about the food, it’s about the overall experience with you. Make it a good one!


Avoid Confusing Menus

The more dishes on your menu, the more complicated and stressful things can get.

Having more doesn’t mean you’re better. The less dishes you have on the menu, the better.

You can focus on these dishes and make them your speciality.


Hopefully you’ve been able to take all of this information in, so you’re ready to start a world class restaurant.

Be aware that starting a restaurant takes a lot of hard work, and you’re going to need to make some sacrifices.

It’ll be worth it though! Thanks for reading.

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