How to Market Your Online Blogs and Business Outside of the Internet

The modern marketing world is all about technologies and how businesses can use them the interwebs to their advantages. However, there is something successful to be said for businesses that stick to the classics; those marketing methods outside of the internet, even if you are marketing a business blog or social media platform.

Care to learn more? Take notes to learn how you can better your business marketing with a few outside-the-net methods that engage prospective audiences.


Volunteer within Your Community, and Spread the Word About Your Business Ventures

There’s nothing quicker than word-of-mouth in a community of close-knit locals. Volunteer your time and energies to the success of your community, and those locals will come to accept you as a reliable, friendly person. Ergo, those feelings about you will translate to your business, so you can talk about your companies and perhaps gain interests.


Does Your City Publish a Newspaper? Consider a Paid Advertisement

Newspapers are the tried-and-true methods for marketing a business. If your town or city has a local, popular tribune, consider investing in a paid advertisement that runs for a week or more. It will get the word out while you work on other angles of marketable business content.


Billboards? Classifieds? Community Boards? Exhaust Your Marketing Options in the Real World

The interwebs have certainly seeped into the real world, but there will always be something classic about a unique brand logo and message on a billboard or in a flier advertisement on a community board at the local college. Never, ever stick to one marketing tactic. Use them all. If you’ve volunteered, spread your business persona via word-of-mouth, and published your company info in the local paper, the next logical step is to go to the billboards, classifieds, and community boards.

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Sometimes a Business Card Still Works

Don’t be afraid to go old-school with business cards that pique interests with clever words, contact information, and a symbolic logo. Business cards are direct and succinct, so be wise, witty, and engaging in what you put on those little hand-out squares.

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