Here’s How to Pay for Your Car Repairs


Rich Nacmias

Cars are not cheap to own. You have to pay for fuel, insurance, and tax. Sometimes you have to pay for a parking space or garage too. And then there’s all the money you need for maintenance and repairs.

You can play for some things, but not everything is an expense that you can predict. When an unexpected car repair comes up, you might find yourself struggling to pay for it.

In an accident, your insurance might come through eventually. But until then, you need to take care of the cost. If you’re not sure how you’re going to pay for repairs, try these options.


Check Your Maintenance Plan

If your vehicle is new (or newish), it might have come with maintenance cover. In this case, you should be able to take it to an approved mechanic to have it repaired.

But first you need to check what your plan covers. There could be some minor repairs that aren’t on the list or some more expensive ones that aren’t included.


Dip into Your Savings

The best case scenario is that you have some savings set aside for this purpose. Many people are smart enough to create an emergency fund for these situations. You can turn to it any time an unexpected expense pops up.

Anytime you spend something from it, you just need to make sure you top it up again. You might also have some savings set aside for something else. Although you might be reluctant to borrow from them, it is one of the easiest ways of paying for your repairs. You can replace the money later.


Take Out a Loan

If you’ve got no money, you can consider taking out a loan to pay for repairs. There are websites that allow you to apply for one online. Check out to see the sort of thing you have access to.

Taking out a loan can help you build your credit if you pay it back promptly. And you can even find loans that don’t charge any interest.


Earn Some Extra Cash

Of course, you can also try to earn some extra cash. You don’t need to find time to get a second job because there are plenty of other methods.

Selling stuff is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the money you need. But if you have nothing of value, you can find other ways to earn the cash.

You could do something for your neighbors, for example, from dog walking to shoveling snow.


Do It Yourself

There are plenty of simple car maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. There’s no need to go to a mechanic if you can fix it at home from free.

At most, you might have to spend a little on a new part. Teach yourself some basic car repair skills and you won’t have to pay someone else to fix your vehicle all the time.


Don’t panic if you think you can’t afford your car repairs.

You could soon find a way to pay for them using one of these methods.

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